Kai – Doggy Wonder!

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope the week has been treating you right and the weekend is shaping up to be a good one. Josh and I are finally home from our vacation in Missouri. It’s always awesome to go back and see friends and family that have been an important part in our life together. It’s also super nice to be home, too.

Today’s blog post is all about Ms. Kai! This puppy is gorgeously long, and incredibly athletic. She’s got long legs and the most adorable face that shows every emotion. She loves her owner, my good friend Ms. Eliza. I’ve heard many times over that dogs save people, and I think that’s totally the case here. Eliza is a bright person, but she opens up and becomes something more when she’s around her sweet Kai. I’m such a sucker for puppy love that I had to capture this stuff on camera.

We also decided to see what Kai would look like mid-treat throw. Eliza is the best helper and did all the tossing, so all the well placed treats are courtesy of her. I think anyone would look pretty goofy with food coming towards their face, but I’m pretty certain Kai makes it look pretty cool. I’d like to continue to see what this collection looks like, so if you’ve got a puppy and you’d like to take part of this – let me know!

Go through these and enjoy the absolute adorable thing that is Kai. There are times when she looks like the cutest thing, yet there are times she looks like a raptor stalking through the grass, too. I had a great time going through these and hope you guys enjoy them just as much!

Without further ado –  Kai the Doggy Wonder!

There you have it! Kai & Eliza, thanks for being awesome and making these pictures look awesome. I’m always glad to shoot with you guys and can’t wait to have you in front of my camera again soon!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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