Miss Ava – 2nd Birthday Bash!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Josh & I are currently on vacation with my family in Alabama, so I actually had to check the calendar to make sure it was Tuesday. It is always a whirlwind, coming back to see my big family – so the days seem to all blend into one another. It’s a good day, though – my sweet Dylan is graduating from high school!

Anyway – today’s blog is all about my little friend Ava. Ava is the granddaughter of my work mama, Mrs. Tracy. Despite having met her only a couple of times, I know so much about this kid. Mrs. Tracy is a proud grandmother and tells tales of the many adventures of Ava pretty frequently when we’re in a lull period at work. It’s fascinating to see everyone’s perspective on growth – especially one that is so affectionate and engrossed in the person being described.

The nicest thing about getting to hear about this little girl is actually getting to see the stuff you’re told in person. Ava has a big personality that is just now starting to come through. She knows what she wants and lets everyone know about it. Heck, she followed me around like we were best friends, and that never happens! For being so young and so little, Ava brings something ginormous to the table every time she’s around. In just the hour we spent with her, I knew she’d be fun to be around and even more fun to watch grow.

I’m so appreciative of the friends that bring me into their families for the time it takes to grab some memories! Tracy, introducing us to your granddaughter is one of the coolest things you could’ve done for Josh & I. We can’t wait to see who this little chica becomes!

There you have it! Cake smash sessions are so much fun, and they’re even better when Mom & Dad want to play along, too. Ava, here’s hoping year 2 is the best one yet!

Since it’s finally the summertime and my work schedule is a little more relaxed, we’re putting our sessions on sale for 20% off. I’m hoping to open up a couple more times every week throughout the week days & weekends to make more time for more adventures. This 20% off can be applied to any type of session, so don’t miss out!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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