Weightlifting in Black & White

Happy Saturday, my friends! My pops & I get up early in the mornings to get a run in, and Saturday seems to be the most peaceful. I can catch up on my edits, I watch an episode or two of whatever show I’m watching, and relaxing on the couch with my puppers. When there’s nothing going on, it’s one of the best things ever! Today, I’m coming at you guys with something pretty cool.

I occasionally throw in a black and white photo to my collections, but I don’t usually do a whole gallery in it – but that’s changing today! My good friend Gabe is a beast in the weight room, so I thought doing some weightlifting stuff in black & white of him would be awesome. It doesn’t hurt that the weight room on campus is equipped with some nice stuff and good lighting. Spending the time getting these shots was totally worth it & guys – this collection is one of my favorites!

As a kinesiology nerd, it was cool to capture mechanics in all different forms on camera. Working out is both the most self-confidence inducing and unflattering thing all at once. A person can’t really hide bad form and position when it comes to this kind of stuff. As I went through them, I think that was the coolest part – catching the little intricacies & chinks in the kinetic chain.

When you go through these, a lot of the shots are the little details I thought were the most interesting. There are two types of lifts that I shot – upper & lower body. Pay special attention to muscle definition and depth of movement. I tried my hardest to catch the lift in its most purest form – & I hope it shows!

Check out some of my favorites below!

There you have it! I had a really fun time tweaking these black & white shots. They were taken in black & white – then edited to what you just got to see. I hope to do many more shoots exactly like this in the near future!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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