Rory – A 3rd Birthday Adventure!

Hey, everyone! I hope the day is going well and the weekend is shaping up to be what you’re excited for it to be. Josh & I get to hangout with some cool folks and take some pictures in a couple different gorgeous locations around San Antonio/Boerne. Aside from vacation, there isn’t much better than that!

Today’s blog post is all about this cool little guy named Rory. I first met his dad through a friend of mine. Rob owns a cross-fit gym that I’ve featured on the site before (Warhouse S&C, if you’re interested!) The gym is really cool & has a great family/community atmosphere – so it was no surprise that his small son embraced all of those good vibes, too. When I walked up, he proceeded to say hello & tell me his name was Rory – from that point on, I was hooked; this was going to be an adventure.

I don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate a birthday than going to the zoo – in fact, I’ve spent several there myself. So, when Rob approached me to do birthday celebration pictures at the zoo, I was so very excited! We get to go to the zoo & celebrate a birthday & take great pictures? Wow – that’s good stuff right there.

As we adventured through the zoo, Rory’s big personality shone through! This little guy is full of happiness and excitement for the things around him. If you couldn’t tell from his dinosaur polo and everlasting smile, Rory had a great time at the zoo. He would run from one end of the cage to the other, asking what the animal was, then repeating the name. It was a great time & I’m so very excited to say the pictures show that very thoroughly.

Take in the complete joy in these pictures. It’s cool to see happiness shine so brightly.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rory – enjoy his adventure below!

There you have it! Rory, I’m a few days late, but I hope your 3rd birthday was everything you wanted & more. It was cool to experience your big personality. I hope to see you grow some throughout the years!

Since this was such a fun experience, I think I’m going to add this service to the offered packages. It was really fun to follow these three through the zoo & capture candid moments. If you want your family adventure documented, you know where to find me!

We’re also adding another cool addition. For all 2020 graduates, we’re offering a two part senior session. We’ll take some senior portraits now, then come back & shoot again when caps & gowns start making their way out. That way, everyone gets to celebrate to the fullest! Contact us below to find out more about this program!

Until June 21st, our regular senior sessions will be $75! That means all high school & college grads that didn’t get the pictures they wanted before they walked can still grab a good deal! I love academics & this achievement is big, so I’m stoked to offer these sessions at the price they are!

LASTLY – our summer celebration is still going on! Grab 20% off all sessions, including our wedding/engagement packages. We’ll keep this one around for a little bit longer, so don’t miss out! It’s a gorgeous time of the year for family photos…

Thank you, as always, for coming here and reading about our business adventures! Without you guys, none of this would be possible. We appreciate you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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