Baby Lovell – A Newborn Adventure!

Happy Thursday, everyone! I love the summer – my days have been packed with lots of photography & tutoring, and my nights round out the heat of the day with lots of chilling with my Joshy and my lovely family. It’s nice to be able to have so many fulfilling things in life – each day is one that is fun and exciting, no matter what’s happening!

Today’s blog post is all about Meghan & Matt’s baby, Jackson. Baby Lovell came into the world a little early, but that didn’t stop him from being as cute as a button. We’ve been documenting these two since they got engaged last year – and it was amazing to finally meet their new addition. One of the best parts of being a photographer is that specific thing – getting to be a part of multiple milestones is people’s lives. Meeting Jackson was just the icing on an already yummy cake.

Our session started with Jackson fast asleep – so we hung around until he decided to peak his pretty little eyes open. From there, we tried to be as efficient and quick as we could. We moved the little guy from pose to pose, letting him rest in mom’s arms, then dad’s – and back again. It’s like a fun game, trying to keep a small child cooperative and keep mom & dad engaged. It’s like rubbing your belly and patting your head… as long as you keep the rhythm up, you’re okay. All and all, I think we did a pretty good job keeping Jackson happy while getting the stuff we wanted.

Meg & Matt, it’s so cool to see you guys as parents. We knew you guys would be great, but it’s a whole other thing to see it in action. Meghan, you’re radiant, and you know exactly what to do – like it’s instinct. Matt, you can’t help but beam when that little guy is in your arms. It’s so cool to see the people you care about become something they’ve always wanted to be. Jackson, your mom & pop are going to love the heck out of you – so I hope you’re ready!

Check out how cute The Lovell Family is below – there’s a cool collection of both color & black and white images. I had a good time playing with the natural light that flows so beautifully into the Lovell’s home. Enjoy their cute family below!

There you have it! Meghan, Matt, & Jackson – thank you for including Josh & I in your lives. We hope to see what time brings you next and can’t wait to capture the big moment!

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Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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