Chelsea & Christian – A Boerne Adventure

Happiest of Friday’s, my friends! It’s a great day, simply because it’s the end of the week and the weekend will be here before we know it. My niece is coming to town, so I’m a little extra excited for Saturday to get here. She’s a gorgeous human person & time with her is the best!

Today’s blog post is about Chelsea & Christian and our Cibolo Nature Center adventure. If you’ve never been to that place, you’re going to want to go after you see these gorgeous shots. There’s a creek within a big grassy area, within beautiful trees. There are so many different places to snag great shots that it’s kind of overwhelming. Regardless, we managed to pick some of the places that caught our eye first – & they turned out fabulously!

I first met Christian during my grad school program. I was at the end, taking a summer class, and he was just starting. We shared the incredible experience that is Dr. Yao’s class & made it out successfully at the end. Since then, we’ve both been in athletics, doing our own thing. Fast-forward a little bit & Christian is now working closely with my husband on the basketball team. Which means we obviously needed to be adult friends. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is fantastic & the four of us seemed to get along swimmingly on the warm Sunday afternoon we shared.

Now – Christian & Chelsea are one adorable couple. They joke, laugh, & play the entire time they interact. There were a lot of smiles being shared and this cool sort of energy just surrounds them. When you go through these, all of those qualities will be totally apparent. One of the first spots we had them sit down and Christian challenged Chelsea to a game of rock, paper, scissors – it was the cutest thing I’ve seen! It’s natural & easy, so I hope that’s felt in the photos.

Without further ado – my favorites from Chelsea & Christian’s Boshnasty Photos adventure!

There you have it! Chelsea & Christian, thanks for coming out to shoot with us. It was a great time & the result was even better. You guys are so very great!

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As always, thank you for coming to the site & reading about our adventures. You guys are the only reason we get to do what we do – so we appreciate you very, very much!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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