Parent/Child Camp – Day 2

Happiest of Thursday’s, everyone! Josh & I just touched down in San Antonio after a week in Sin City. Every June, NATA comes around, so we head out & enjoy all things athletic training. This year just so happened to be in one of the craziest & most fun places – Las Vegas. I didn’t end up getting a lot of work done, so I apologize for the delay!

Today’s blog is centered around UTSA Men’s Basketball parent/child camp – day 2! This day of camp was chalk full of game play. They started the morning with 3×3 games, then moved into a shooting competition, only to finish off with 5 on 5 scrimmaging. The kids played the kids, and the parents played the parents. It was intense & totally fun to watch. I don’t have any children, but I would assume that’s one of the coolest parts of having kids – getting to watch them follow in your footsteps.

As you browse through these, take in all the enjoyment. There is something about playing on UTSA’s court that makes the game that much more fun. You can see it in everyone’s eyes – just how much they’re enjoying everything that’s going on.

Oh – & UTSA’s Athletic Director brought her basketball a-game and came out to play with her adorable little son. What’s better than that?!

These pictures are a collection of the photos I felt were the best. However, they are not the only ones that I’ve edited. There are several of each child & parent/child – which I’ll be more than glad to make available to you! Simply shoot me a message.

These images are watermarked & should not be used as your own or shared as such. Send me a message & I’ll be glad to put together a gallery of each of the pictures I have of your specific family to make purchasing easier!

Parents, these beauties are for sale! You can purchase the digital copy of these images for $5 a piece or in increments of 5 for $20 (10 for $40, 15 for $60, etc…) Click on the image, and let me in know in a contact form what the number before the .jpeg is (ex. 007.jpeg = 007).

Without further ado – parent/child camp day 2!

There you have it! That’s it for basketball camps for the summer, but keep checking back – there’s going to be basketball coverage all summer long. I’m so stoked for sport seasons to start again, & I can’t wait to meet all the new teams I’ll do action shots for. One of those teams could be you! Message us below to get more information about our services & packages.

We’re enjoying the summer and are glad to be doing it with all you great people. To make that celebration even better, we’re offering a 10% discount on ALL photo sessions. That includes our wedding & party packages. Let’s make some photo magic!

As alway, thank you guys for checking in with us! We appreciate all the people who comment, like, or even look at the photos on our site. Without you – Boshnasty Photos would not be possible. We appreciate you so very much!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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