Mireya & Cibolo Nature Center

Happy Sunday, everyone! I got up early for a shoot and am now waiting to finish up the day with some basketball action shots – all and all, a great day spent doing great things. Here’s hoping your weekend has shaped up that way, too! The sun has been shining lately, so I’m super stoked to show off some of these gorgeous, honey rich shots.

Today’s blog post is all about my good friend, Mireya. You’ve seen this name on the blog before. Mireya did some modeling for me back in March, and the experience was so good, we thought we’d repeat it. This time, we added Mireya’s passion to the mix – dance! You guys know me, any time I get to incorporate movement in my art, I will absolutely do it. So, it made total sense to bring in one of my dancing friends… and make her dance.

Cibolo Nature Center is a gorgeous place with a really convenient body of water running through it. There are just enough man made elements to it that make shooting on it fun and adventurous, but not unsafe! We trudged through the water and produced some really cool looking shots. To finish off the evening, we caught the best portion of the sunset – that crispy golden light! These photos are so cool in the sense that there is so much color in them!

Take a look at our golden hour fun below.

There you have it! Mireya, thanks for being excellent and helping to produce such beautiful images. It truly is a treat to work with you. As the summer months come to an end, I’m more eager than ever to chase this golden hour light! Book a session with us and let’s make some gorgeous memories!

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As always, thank you for the never ending support! We couldn’t do this without you and are so appreciative of everyone who continuously comes back to view our pictures, get their photos taken, or simply know who we are and send good vibes out into the universe for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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