UTSA Basketball – 7/21 Summer Training

Happiest of Sunday’s, everyone! I’m currently relaxing on my couch with a cold bottle of water and my puppy laying on my lap. It makes typing hard, but it’s totally worth the little extra warmth. Here’s hoping you guys are enjoying your day in the same way! It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous one, so let’s make the most of it.

Today’s blog post is all about UTSA Men’s Basketball. Since it’s summer time, and the off season, there isn’t much basketball to go around. Yet, I get to sneak myself into their practices every now and again to fulfill my basketball fix and get some action photography practice in. As we get closer to the season starting, I’m getting really impatient to document what I hope is going to be the best season yet!

This set is pretty cool because I got to focus on all the new guys. There are a couple players that are brand new to the team that many people haven’t even seen yet – so it was cool to document what the team looks like while they’re trying to incorporate all the new talent and skill that’s stepping onto the court. In terms of being immersed in the team, catching off season has to be one of the best parts. This is where the guys learn their shit, figure out where they belong on the court, and bust hump – it’s satisfying and makes the work they’ll put in a couple months from now that much more worth it!

As you click through these, enjoy all the new faces and how they seem to mesh with everyone. You’ll get to catch these guys come November, but until then – enjoy some summer workout fun!

There you have it! Fellas, I’m so very stoked to see what this season brings. The off-season seems to have been lucrative, so it’s only up from here! Until then, keep sweating that sweat!

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As always, thank you for the never ending support! We couldn’t do this without you and are so appreciative of everyone who continuously comes back to view our pictures, get their photos taken, or simply know who we are and send good vibes out into the universe for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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