Zoe takes Eilan – A Portrait Session

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m pretty stoked to see the weekend at the end of this week. For some reason, this one has felt like an eternity. Aside from that, I’m grateful for the jam packed days I’ve had and the ones that are heading my way. It doesn’t hurt that we’re heading to Austin this weekend, either – I love a good trip to Austin!

Today’s blog post is all about my good pal Zoe. This lady and I go way back. Maybe not in the sense that we’ve been close forever, but I knew her in some of my most important years as a young adult. Zoe ran track with UTSA during my time as a student athletic trainer. In my training knowledge came knowledge about people – and this chick was always one that gave out as good as she got. If you’re looking to have a good conversation, seek her out – it’s never dull!

This session took us a few months to plan, which is funny – because it seemed like we’d just seen each other when I walked up to her at Eilan. Once we finally settled on a time and date and actually got to meet up – I knew this thing was going to go really well. As we went around the gorgeous shopping complex, we chatted about life, got some good shots, and enjoyed a pretty awesome summer day. All and all, a session I’m so stoked to have been a part of!

As you go through these, take in the cool background and Zoe’s impeccable posing ability. There’s a lot of looking to the sky and I appreciate the aesthetic that brings to the natural light we were shooting in. Check them out below!

There you have it! Zoe, thanks for being a champ & braving the mid-morning heat. These are beautiful and I’m so stoked to have seen you!

To round out the summer, we’re putting on some sunset minis at Cibolo Nature Center! August 8th, & 15th we’ll be out in Boerne for two mini session times. You can book either 6:30 or 7:15 so we can catch that gorgeous honey golden light. If you’re interested in sessions that are lower in price and faster than the norm, these are where it’s at!

We’re also still offering 15% off all our couple/engagement/wedding packages! Until the end of the summer, you and your forever person can get photos for a reduced price. We’ve been loving all the gorgeous summer sunlight, so don’t wait around – it’s the best time of the year for those sunset adventures!

Lastly, we’re now booking into October/November/December – which means I’m putting together my holiday session lists. Throughout the next couple of months, I’ll be shooting several different minis, on location Halloween & Christmas styled sessions, and lots of family portraits! The spots I have available are slowly starting to fill up – so as an incentive to book early, we’re offering 15% off all of these sessions as well. I can’t wait to see the magic we can make!

As always, thank you for tagging along! If you want to know about these different sessions, subscribe to the blog to get an email notification right when the information becomes available. The Boshnasty Photos family is slowly growing and we’re stoked to see what the fall brings our way!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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