Conner & Shelby – A Golden Light Adventure!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! When I looked at the calendar today, it hit me how fast time is flying. It seems like the summer just started, and here we are – a couple weeks from back to school. Then I think about how rich & full the summer has been and it makes sense that it’s already the end. Crazy, right? I hope your summer has been much of the same & the end will be the best yet!

Today’s blog is all about Conner & Shelby. These two are pretty well known around UTSA. They both play in UTSA’s SOSA, which is the extremely talented band. When they play at the basketball games, they give The Convo life in a way that no one really has before. They are loud, skilled, and so ready to heckle an opponent. Being a part of a group that can bring that much entertainment & noise, I knew they were going to be a blast to be around and shoot.

I wasn’t disappointed, either. We spent an hour exploring Cibolo Nature Center during the best part of the day – golden hour. They weren’t afraid to take off their shoes and get their feet wet when we waded through the little creek running through the park – what’s better than that? All and all, we were able to grab the best of the light & the best of Conner and Shelby.

As you go through these, take in the rich yellow & orange. It’s so insanely eye catching and bathes these two in the most gorgeous hue. I had a blast editing these – so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

There you have it! Conner & Shelby, thank you again for braving the heat and bugs and bright lights. You two are a blast & we can’t wait to work with you again!

If you’re looking for a session like this to end the summer, fill out the contact form below. We’re currently offering our sunset sessions at a $50 discount – we’ve been enjoying them that much!

We’re also pretty stoked to head into the fall! My schedule is getting pretty full, especially in October/November when basketball season starts. If you book your holiday/family session by the end of the week, we’ll honor the $50 discount we’re offering for our sunset sessions!

Lastly, I’m finally ready to start booking Back-to-School mini sessions! These are so fun and quick to get cute pictures of your kids without the hassle. We have a fully styled set-up that’s just waiting for your new back-to-school looks! These are going at mini session price, so please don’t miss out. You can book these sessions with the contact form below, too.

As always, thanks for tagging along! This journey is a blast and wouldn’t be nearly as possible or fun without you guys. We appreciate you taking the time to read, browse, and book with us!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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