UTSA MBB – Last 2019 Summer Practice

Happiest of Saturday’s, friends! Josh, myself, and my dad have been up moving and grooving all day. I’m not sure if you guys play Wizards Unite, but there was a community day today, and we were all over it! It’s cool to come home from my sessions and relax in the nerdiest of ways with my most favorite people.

My other nerdy hobby is basketball. I’ve been trying to shoot as much of it as I can with the access I have to it – so here we are, another photo set of UTSA Basketball. As the season comes closer and I start to reach out to more youth leagues and AAU type teams, I’m getting so excited about how far my skill has come and how much further I can take it. Each practice, game, or event I shoot, I’m finding out more about myself as an artist and as an action photographer. It’s a cool experience that I’m insanely grateful for!

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ve seen these guys go through a couple different “off-season” practices. This one was pretty cool because you could tell the guys were ready to be done, but also so ready to be one step closer to the season. Coach Henson started the day with “last one, best one” and I think they hit that on all levels. As the new guys start to fit into their places, it’s very cool to see the team come together – piece by piece.

As you go through these, pay special attention to the tenacity, intensity, and purpose these guys are playing with. They take this stuff seriously and are eager for some redemption – & I can’t wait to see them tackle some opponents! We’re one step closer to season y’all, so enjoy their last “off-season” practice!

There you have it! These dudes worked hard all summer & they’ll reap the benefits come season time. I’m so stoked to see what they’re going to bring to the table, and what I’ll be able to catch from them next.

A little PSA for the guys – if you want these pictures, don’t screenshot them, send me a message! I’ll gladly shoot any of them your way, and the picture’s quality will be twenty times better. These are all of you guys, so you’re more than welcome to them!

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We’re also pretty stoked to head into the fall! My schedule is getting pretty full, especially in October/November when basketball season starts. If you book your holiday/family session by the end of the week (8/16), we’ll honor the $50 discount we’re offering for our sunset sessions!

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As always, thanks for tagging along! This journey is a blast and wouldn’t be nearly as possible or fun without you guys. We appreciate you taking the time to read, browse, and book with us!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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