Competition Lifting – Rob Guzman Style!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Where the beginning of the week felt like a whirlwind, the end of the week is moving a lot slower. I’m counting down the days until I start shooting my beloved Roadrunners and now that it’s close, time’s playing with me! Here’s hoping your weekend looks fruitful and you’re doing something you enjoy.

Today’s blog post is all about the badass owner of Warhouse Strength and Conditioning – Rob Guzman. You’ve seen this guy and his luscious beard on the blog before. I was lucky enough to shoot one of Warhouse’s in-house competitions and you can recognize his beard from anywhere. It’s even on shirts! Much like Josh, you’ve got to respect a guy that can grow that much facial hair and keep it looking nice.

Though he’s got great hair on his face,  Rob is also insanely talented. There are some people you can look at and know they’re an athlete. This guy is totally one of those people. He’s fit, he’s dedicated, and knows exactly what he’s doing with his craft. Walking in to watch him warmup, I noticed just how into the entire process he actually was. It’s a total joy getting to watch people do the stuff they love.

As you go through these pictures, you’ll be able to see Rob’s tenacity and effort. His form and technique are pretty cool in still form, and his routine is one you can’t forget. I hope you enjoy click through these as much as I did catching them and putting an edit to each one.

There you have it! He ended up taking first place home in his category, so you’re seeing the champion in action. Rob, I’ll gladly take your photos whenever you’re competing. These are cool shots and watching you do your thing is most excellent!

We’re currently still offering $50 off all of our sessions. This deal ends 8/31, and starting September, we’re getting very booked up and very busy with with UTSA goodness. If you’re wanting to plan a family session, grabbing your slot now would be the best decision – you can take advantage of the discount and make sure you get a date.

I’ve also decided to do my fall minis a little differently. Instead of having a couple dates to book, I’ll be taking any date through November 1. These mini sessions are $140, 45 minutes and all edited images (this usually falls between 30-50, depending on how quickly we’re able to move through the session.) I think this will be more fun for everyone and allow for multiple locations in the San Antonio area with their specific kiss of fall. If you decide to book with us before 8/31, we’ll add an extra $10 off. That means a $140 becomes $80!

Lastly, we’re finally opening up our new sports photography packages. I spoke to multiple youth sports league coaches and got some insider information on what packages like this should consist of. So – these team action photography packages are new and improved, focusing on game play photos and portraits! If you’re interested in booking us for your season or some games within the season, shoot us a message! I can’t wait to work with all the different athletes throughout the year.

Thanks for following along! This wouldn’t be real for us without all the people viewing and booking our services. It means the world to be able to do this sort of job for amazing people!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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