Carrie & Sammi Jo – The Best of Friends!

Happiest of Tuesday’s, everyone! Josh and I are getting ready to head across the country and take in all that Pennsylvania has to offer. I’ve been craving a cheesesteak since I booked this wedding and am so excited it’s finally coming to fruition. This is the first time Josh gets to head that way – so it should be an exciting time! If you’re from that area or know someone who is, drop food/entertainment suggestions in the comment box.

Today’s blog is all about two marvelous ladies who have a great friendship. I met Sammi Jo back in my undergrad days and remember being immediately drawn to her personality. She’s very funny and has some of the best taste in music. So, I knew her best buddy would be one of the cool ones, too. I was not disappointed when I met these two at Flower Vault – which has to be one of my favorite locations to shoot in the area.

As we toured this beautiful venue, I got to know more about Carrie and her friendship with Sammi Jo. When you go through these, you’ll see their Longhorn orange outfits. They met because of the guys in burnt orange, so it was only appropriate to pay homage to their favorite team. This entire session was a total blast and I’m so grateful to know more about each of these ladies and the cool friendship they share.

Pay special attention to how much these two smile. You can tell we had a great time throughout the shoot because the grins are so big and there’s visible laughter in both their faces. We made the most out of a really versatile backdrop, so I hope you enjoy!

There you have it! Sammi Jo and Carrie, you two are a blast and I’m happy to know you. If anyone is looking for some cool photos in a beautiful place, I’ll gladly follow you around Flower Vault and make pictures greatness!

I’ve had a bunch of people book their fall sessions already, and I’m so pleased! These sessions are so quick and easy and you end up with lots of great candid photos. We’re currently offering 30 minute sessions with all the best edits for $140. We’ve got a backdrop that would be beautiful to work with, but we’re also open to heading to a location of your choice. I want y’all to make the most of this cool fall opportunity! Use the contact form at the bottom of this post to save your spot.

On that note, we’re also going to start booking our Christmas Card sessions. These are our normal hour session price, but are fully styled and are quick to be turned around! My Josh is dressing up as the Grinch to go with our beautifully decorated backdrop – so don’t wait to book! With basketball season quickly creeping up, my schedule is going to be very full very quickly.

If you book a Fall/Christmas session before 9/30 – we’ll give you 10% off!

As usual, I’m so very thankful for each and every person who contributes to our little business. I’m so far from where I started and I only have you guys to thank. Whether you book a session or just tag along for these blog posts – we’re grateful for you and your support. Here’s to health and happiness!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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