Brianna – A Fall Photo Adventure!

Happiest of Tuesday’s everyone! It’s a cool week for the Modica’s. We’re headed to California to take on the greatest place on Earth – Disneyland! Josh and I are the biggest Disney nerds, so it’s going to be a blast getting to get on all the rides and meet all the characters we’ve been talking about for ages!

Today’s blog post is all about my gorgeous friend Brianna! She’s a member of UTSA’s cheerleading squad and I absolutely adore all of those beautiful humans. As someone who did routines over and over again until I got them absolutely perfect, I hold a little bit of kinship with these athletes. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all stunning and take the most wonderful photos!

We adventured around one of my favorite places, Cibolo Nature Center. As you go through that place, you see tons of different foliage that makes it seem like you enter a new place each and every time. It is finally starting to look like fall there, so we decided to make the most of it. Brianna is a nature in front of the camera, too! We adventured around and I pointed places out, she struck her pose, and then we moved on. It’s amazing when sessions are that easy and seamless!

When you go through these, enjoy Brianna’s natural beauty and the way she sets a tone in the photos. They were a blast to take and an even better time to edit! I hope you enjoy!

There you have it! Brianna, thanks for coming out to shoot with us. You’re a stunning person both inside and out. We’ll be stoked to work with you again in the future!

We’re still booking our fall sessions, y’all. They have been so beautiful this far and it’s only going to get better as the weather actually starts to change around here. If you’re looking to get some seasonal family portraits done, or just want to tumble around in the gorgeous fall foliage, let’s have an adventure! Our fall sessions are discounted to a really great price right now and will stay that way until 11/1 – so definitely take advantage of that before it’s too late!

Our Christmas sessions are coming up, too! We’re currently booking all of these sessions and want to maximize on all the beauty that is coming to San Antonio before it gets too cold. We’re putting together two different types of sessions – Grinch minis and Christmas Tree Farm sessions. You can book either of these sessions throughout the rest of the year. They’ll be perfect for Christmas cards and all that fun stuff. My gorgeous Joshy is going to be The Grinch – & it’s going to be an absolute blast!

You can use the contact form at the bottom of this post to book your session! I’m quickly starting to fill up my schedule because basketball season is starting and I’ll be insanely busy with that. So, if you’d like to book any type of session, do it soon!

Lastly, we want to say thank you! You guys are the reason I get to go out and shoot every week. It has been a blast developing this business and it wouldn’t be where it is without those who book with us, check out our pictures, and read my rambles once or twice a week. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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