Vivian & Kaleb – Fall Edition!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As basketball season creeps up on us, the days are going faster and faster. It’s insane to think that I was just shooting summer sessions when it’s already almost November! I love getting to document the seasons, so the time thats been flying by has been spent doing the best of things.

Today’s blog post is about a couple of familiar faces. Vivian & Kaleb have been on the blog before. We took a tour of the Flower Vault over the summer and it was such a blast – I knew I needed to shoot with them again. When the season actually started to change, we took our time exploring the sundown at one of my favorite spots – Cibolo Creek Nature Center.

I gush this to them at our sessions each time – but these two are seriously adorable together! It’s amazing to see how they open up around each other. Vivian has a gorgeous smile that brings about a softness in Kaleb that is a pleasure to catch on the camera. These two have a really cool love that is most excellent to get to know more about each time we shoot with them. It doesn’t hurt that they look stunning together, either!

As you go through these, enjoy the different lighting situations we were dealing with throughout the evening. The sun was setting quickly, so we had to move from place to place and caught so many different angles of the remaining sunlight.

There you have it! Vivian & Kaleb, you guys are the best and make the prettiest photos. Thanks for coming out time and time again!

We’re still currently booking our fall sessions. They’re at their reduced rate until 11/1, which is quickly approaching! Like I said earlier, time is flying… That means you’ve got a couple more days to take advantage of the awesome session price they’re currently set at. You can grab your Christmas sessions at this price until then, too!

My schedule is getting a little crazy with basketball and the sessions already book – which means if you’re looking to snag a session before the year is out, please do so soon! I’ll be traveling and all the fun stuff – so don’t wait to book with us.

We’ll be putting together our Grinch sessions very soon, so those can be booked at this moment in time, too! The costume is great and Josh’s acting is some of the best. These are probably going to be the most fun! If you’re interested in something a bit more traditional, we’re making several trips to the tree farm, so that’s also an option for our Christmas/Winter sessions.

& as always, thank you for your support! Josh and I wouldn’t be able to do the things we’re doing with photography if it wasn’t for you guys. I’m living the dream of shooting the things I love, and I appreciate that so very much!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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