Arlayna & Frank – Christmas Awesomeness!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s kind of a gloomy day and I’m totally feeling it. It has been a long week and seems like its getting longer by the second. However, I’m so very excited to drop this blog for you guys! All of the Christmas sessions have been a total blast and you guys are finally going to get to see some.

Today’s blog is all about our friend Arlayna and her boyfriend Frank. We’ve shot with Arlayna before it she’s a total blast. If you can remember, this is the same graduate that did her confetti with kale instead of actual glitter. When we met her boyfriend, we knew he was going to be pretty dang awesome, too – & we weren’t disappointed. These two have a really cool relationship that they keep alive despite their the distance between them.

We spent our evening going around Cibolo Nature center & I’m a total fan of the place. There are so many different places that are totally beautiful and the scenery changes the more that you walk around the place. So, when we got these two goofballs together in one of my favorite places – we made some magic.

While you go through these, I hope you enjoy just how much these two appreciate each other. There are so many laughs and genuine grins that make this set so excellent. I had a blast shooting them, so I hope you guys enjoy them just as much!

There you have it! Arlayna & Frank, you guys are a blast and we can’t wait to see you two behind the lens again. You two are absolutely adorable. It’s the perfect time of the year for sessions like this, so fill out the contact form and we’ll plan something fun!

We’re currently chugging away at all of our holiday sessions and can’t wait to fill our schedule with more of you lovely people! We’re offering the lowest prices of the season for both mini and full sessions & it’s totally worth it. Between Flower Vault, Cibolo Creek, and all of our other locations – there are so many options for these sessions. It’s finally cool enough and the scenery is finally in tune with the season – so don’t wait to book!

Our Grinch sessions are FINALLY a-go, too! This upcoming Saturday & Sunday 11/23 & 11/24, we’re putting up our backdrop, Josh is putting on the costume, and we’re celebrating all the holiday that we can possibly handle. These sessions are priced at our mini session price and will be quick and easy. Not only is it all about the holiday, but Josh’s Grinch performance is impeccable! I’m so excited for you guys to finally get to see what he can do with the big green mask on. If you’re interested, please fill out the contact form to grab more information and book a time slot. These are going to go very fast, so don’t wait!

As usual, thank you guys! This has been a dream come true and every single session I get to shoot becomes more and more fun. I can’t wait to see what the future brings but until then – I want to show my appreciation. You guys make all of this possible and it’s the absolute best!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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