Sunshine Slam – Game #3 v. Delaware

Happiest of Tuesday’s, everybody! I’m hoping that everyone is enjoying the time leading up to the holiday with family and friends. The end of the week is when the craziness begins, so enjoy the calm while you can! As for the Modica’s, we’re enjoying all of the holiday and then some.

Today’s blog is all the final game in UTSA’s performance in the Sunshine Slam against Delaware. These are probably the best of the bunch in my opinion – mainly because I love shooting these fellas in their white jerseys. Regardless of that, the game was one of the better of the bunch, too! There are plenty of cool three point shots in this group of photos.

Despite not getting the results they wanted in Orlando, all of the games were good learning opportunities nonetheless – & I don’t mean just for the guys. Every time I get to shoot, I feel like I’m learning something completely new. The best angle for these shots was sitting on the floor – so I needed to figure out the best way to do that with the angle I like to shoot and my height. It was a lot of fun, to say the least.

As you go through these, enjoy how laid back the guys seem to be in them. Out of all three games, they seemed to be more at ease in their game play than all the rest.

There you have it! I’m really stoked to have gotten to shoot in Orlando with the team. It’s always cool to see all the behind the scenes as well as capture what these fellas are good at. We’re getting to the peak of the season, so you’ll see lots more of this team – so check back soon!

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As always, thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the time our business has been up and running. As the holiday season comes around and I get to see all of the families that have been with us since day one – it reminds me how lucky we really are. Thanks for everything, y’all!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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