He’s A Mean One – Grinch Mini Sessions!

Happiest of Wednesday’s, everyone! Today is going to be jam packed with lots of baking, prepping for all the cooking tomorrow, and shooting my favorite human in our cool holiday backdrop. This part of the year is one of my absolute favorites, so I’m soaking up all I can of it. So much so that we’re offering our full-length holiday sessions for 40% off!

Today’s blog is all about everyone’s favorite green guy – The Grinch! As a fan of the character for most of my life, it made total sense to offer these sessions. It was a total blast getting all of the backdrops and making the vision come to life. We spent a couple weeks pulling everything together & it turned out so dang well! It doesn’t hurt that my husband is the perfect guy to play the part.

When Josh pulled on the costume, I knew that all of our hard work putting the backdrop together and finding the perfect place to have these shoots was going to pay off. When we did our first couple of sessions and I saw how everything looked on the back of the camera, I was so stoked! It only made sense that our first participant in these sessions was Ryan – one of our favorite little buddies.

As you go through these, enjoy the fact that Ryan is trying to beat Josh up in most of these. We had a blast getting to see more of this little guy come out of his shell and share his likes and interests with us. One of the best parts of these, aside from The Grinch (of course), is how much our clients personalities come out. We’re not doing too much posing, but letting people interact with Josh naturally to get the most genuine reactions!

We’re stoked to offer up these again this upcoming weekend. Since so many families are in town for the holiday, it seemed like a perfect time to offer these again. Check out the information below!

There you have it! If you’re a fan of The Grinch, these are the sessions for you. Josh is awesome with everyone who comes to our little branch of Whoville – so grab a session while you can!

We’re currently in the middle of our holiday rush! To celebrate the holiday week, we’re offering ALL of our full length photo sessions for 40% off. You can book a session with us anytime this week through 12/1 & receive the discount. We’ve been having a blast with all of the cool families and couples throughout the last few weeks and can’t wait to adventure with more of you guys!

We’re also doing another set of Grinch mini sessions this upcoming weekend. It looks like it’s supposed to rain on Saturday, so we’re going to move the second session to Sunday! You can book between 9-2 to grab yourself a spot with our resident Whovillian! We’re booking at half hour increments (9, 9:30, etc.) & these sessions are running for $65. We had a blast last Saturday & Josh gets really into character!

Lastly, we’re offering a cool Flower Vault mini session deal on Friday ONLY! All of our mini sessions are $65 that day, so don’t miss your chance.

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the time our business has been up and running. As the holiday season comes around and I get to see all of the families that have been with us since day one – it reminds me how lucky we really are. Thanks for everything, y’all!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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