UTSA v. LA Tech – A Conference Win!

Happiest of Wednesday’s, everyone! It’s a weird sort of week for The Modica’s – Josh is gone with the basketball team and I’m starting my tutoring workshop at the end of the week instead of the beginning like usual. This week the fellas will play Wednesday/Saturday, instead of Thursday/Saturday like their usual schedule. I’m excited to see what a double match-up against UTEP is going to look like.

Today’s post is all about UTSA’s first conference home game against Louisiana Tech. Heading into the game, the guys were two losses into conference and were looking to bring home a win – in all ways they could! We may not be the best road team, but with the school behind the fellas – we’re definitely a killer home team. As the season moves on, there’s a lot more people coming to each of the games and making the crowd presence so exciting. As an athlete, there’s nothing better than having people stand up and cheer for all the good stuff you’re bringing to the game.

This game was anything but boring. The fellas took up a pretty quick lead and kept their foot on the pedal. Both Jhivvan and Keaton put together a killer performance and were nicely rounded out by all of the big guys busting their butts on the court. Though they tried to come back, UTSA kept their foot on LA Tech’s throat and brought home the win.

As you go through these, enjoy all of the different ways points were scored and some of the good offensive movement that lead to great teamwork as well as a big W. It’s a blast standing on the sideline getting these photos & it’s so cool to see how the albums are going to turn out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking and editing them!

There you have it! Check out the fella as the play tonight at 8PM CST! Then head over to the Convocation Center on Saturday to see them take on UTEP for the 2nd time of the season!

We’re also currently booking our Valentine’s Day sessions. For the young ones, we’re putting together a kissing booth that will make for a really gorgeous backdrop. For all the adults, we’re putting together short mini sessions at our favorite outdoor shooting location out in Boerne. These sessions would make for great gifts for your loved ones or for mom’s of little ones that want adorable photos of their littles!

We’re also introducing a referral program. If you’ve shot with us before and happen to know other people that need some photos done – refer us! If they book a session, you’ll get your next session for 50% off. Just tell them to use the code BOSHNASTY20! We love our return costumers and want to share the love with everyone!

As usual, we want to thank everyone for all of the support. Heading into a new year is always a little scary, but we’re surrounded by people that are so supportive and so willing to enjoy all of the work that we put out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a dream and we’re so stoked to keep on living it.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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