The Lahrman’s – A Family Adventure!

Happiest of Friday’s, everyone! All of the changes in the weather has my sinuses all out of whack, so I’m once again not feeling as well as I could – but it has given me lots of time to edit. Here’s hoping you guys are fairing a little better and the start of the weekend is looking promising!

Today’s blog post is all about our friends, The Lahrman’s. Their two gorgeous twin daughters have been on the blog before. We made some summer fun in front of these really stunning spray paint wall-art and had a blast in the process. This time around, we got to include the whole family on the fun. It’s quite a thing to shoot whole families after just dealing with the kids. You get to see where they get their personalities from and it’s always fun to see how families interact with one another.

We spent a gorgeous Sunday morning at The Pearl, navigating all of my most favorite spots. It was a little chilly, but the lighting for the day was the best it could have been. The whole experience was amazing – The Lahrman’s are a great family filled to the brim with personality and kindness that can’t really be replicated.

As you go through these I hope you enjoy just how gorgeous this family is together. Every single person has their own unique look, but there’s so much familiarity between them as well. Devon’s beautiful auburn hair and unique eyes give the girls such a different look – it’s absolutely stunning. I had a great time with these and hope you enjoy them just as much!

There you have it! Lahrman’s, you guys are the best. Thanks for trusting us with your beautiful family and letting us capture the essence of who you guys are together. If you’re looking for a session like this, use the contact form at the bottom to snag your spot!

We’re quickly heading into the warm weather and that comes with blue bonnets and gorgeous flowers! We’re already in the midst of planning our bluebonnet sessions and want to make sure everyone has access to them. So – here we are. All of our bluebonnet sessions are $95, yet packed full of beauty, fun, and lots of excitement. The location we like has so great access to light – & we’re so excited.

We’re also trying to get ahead of senior photos! If you’re a 2020 graduate and want to celebrate your accomplishment for a relatively good price – you’re in the right place! Until 3/17 we’re offering our senior sessions for $135! This is the cheapest these will be until literal days before graduates are set to walk – so don’t miss out!

Lastly, we’re so happy you guys are here. This is the most fun and enjoyment I’ve been able to get out of my adult life and it’s all because of the people that support us in this adventure. It’s amazing to get to do this day in and day out, so thank you for booking sessions, checking out our photos, and simply liking what we do.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

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