He’s A Mean One Minis!

Hey friends! It feels like its been forever since I last checked in. The world is such a weird place right now and it feels like time is absolutely flying! We’re already at the busiest time of the year & it feels like just yesterday we were here this time last year.

Despite the fact that the year is speeding past us, Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! Not only do we get the greatest baked goods and movies, but it’s a time when families come together and document their year – some people through photographs, and some through cards and written letters. Whatever the means, I’m always so stoked to get here and be a small part of each family’s life when they come to us to document – it kind of means the world!

Like last year, Joshy boy put on the Santa suit and we put together our own little South Texas Whoville! There’s nothing like walking up and seeing everyone’s face light up when they see our little set up – it’s amazing to see Christmas cheer come alive right in front of my face.

The last two weekends have been packed full of these fun sessions & we’re not done yet! Send us a message to book a time on our two remaining dates (11/22 & 12/6). These spots fill up so quickly, so make sure you reach out as soon as you can.

Until then, enjoy Casey & her gorgeous family!

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