Mean One Minis – Elorah (& Torin, too)!

Hey friends! If you haven’t noticed, it’s the busy season – & I mean that with my whole heart; it’s so dang busy this time of the year. Especially in The Modica household. Between shooting, basketball season starting, and all of the family obligations – there’s a lot going on. I’m sure everyone is feeling that, at least a little – so I’m bringing you cuteness to help ease the ache.

What’s better than decompressing with one of my favorite Christmas characters, you ask? Nothing – there’s nothing better than watching my gorgeous husband get suited up, interact with our clients, and make appearances in at least half of the photos I send out (even if he is under that really warm mask :P). These shoots are some of my most favorite of the year; I relate to The Grinch in a lot of ways, so it’s cool to share that feeling and take it one step further in my work.

Torin & Elorah were a total joy to shoot with – Elorah wasn’t too keen on the big green man for a while, but she ended up coming around by the end. I’m always excited to see how these turn out, because every session is a little different, despite the same location/backdrop. It’s a lot of fun, y’all! I hope you’ve been enjoying as much as we have.

If you’re in need of one of these sessions, or just want to get some family shots done for the Christmas card, we’re running our “friends & family” discount, so don’t miss out while the goings good!

Until then, enjoy Mean One’s with Torin & Elorah!

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