Kylee Kato – Class of 2020

Hi everyone! I hope the holiday season is everything you wish it to be – I know the world is a little crazy right now & everything looks a little different, but there’s nothing like the build up to Christmas! Josh & I spend a lot of it wrapped up in basketball, so much so that its become a part of our yearly tradition. I live for those, y’all!

Today’s blog post is all about the class of 2020 – these graduates had to battle out their last couple of semesters through a pandemic, which is a big accomplishment. On top of finishing out a degree, they figured out how to telecommute & learn via Zoom. A totally new generation of grads!

I met Kylee in the athletic academic center & have enjoyed getting to know her throughout her athletics journey at UTSA. I’m always a sucker for these graduation shoots & its even better to get to do them with people I’ve seen grow from tiny freshman to sophisticated graduates about to embark upon the world. UTSA has been my home for so long that it feels like a celebration every time I take a tour across campus.

We’re at the post graduation graduate sale time of the year – so book your grad session for $95 from now until the end of the year; it’s never too late to celebrate such a big accomplishment!

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