Kissing Booth Minis! <3

Happy Saturday, guys! I’m hoping that it’s the best kind of weekend day, whether that’s out and about, or on your couch with your favorite show. With my fella on the road, I’ve been doing some catch up & I can’t wait to share today’s photos with you all!

For Valentine’s this year, Josh & I decided it would be cool to hand make something a little different than our usual. If you know anything about Joshy boy, you know that he’s pretty handy – so, putting together the set up was a lot of fun. Pro tip – when you stain wood, wear gloves!

I had the idea of Lucy’s advice booth in the Peanut comics in the form of a kissing booth, & I think we totally nailed it! It’s easy to set up & a ton of fun to have people in front of. There’s nothing like reminding people of the simple things and getting a little cutesie while doing it.

We’re currently booking mini sessions with this fun little prop. These minis are the perfect gift or date night idea – we’re shooting for 25 minutes & having a blast while we do! If you’re interested in a session, send us a message – we’ve still got a few dates we’re setting up & making magic.

Check out the lovely Herrera family and their loves below – we met this family during Grinch mini times & enjoyed our time so much, we asked them to come out & shoot with us again! They’re both photogenic & filled to the brim with so much personality.

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