The Ingram’s – Spring Edition

Howdy folks! I know, I know – it has been forever since the last time I checked in. It seems as if I apologize for that every time I write one of these, but c’est la vie! Life is life & I’ve been out there living it. So much so that it’s already the pipping hot Texas summer.

I hope this post’s family photos will help to forgive me, because they’re absolutely stunning. If you’re been around a while, you’ve more than likely seen Brent & Courtney around here before. They’re both lovely humans & gloriously photogenic. Luckily, their precious little one also inherited the genetic. When you look through them, you’ll have a hard time seeing anything other than Harper Jo’s adorable face & all the sass and attitude an almost one-year-old can muster.

Before I finish up with the good stuff, I wanted to take a second to thank everyone for their continued support. It’s hard to slow down enough to show gratitude, but I’m thankful to be constantly surrounded by great clients than more often than not become amazing friends! Use the code THANKFUL10 when you book to snag 10% off your next session.

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for – my time with The Ingram’s at Landa Park <3

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