About Boshnasty Photos

Hi internet world! A kind person told me today that they couldn’t get to know us through our website, so I’m changing that. On this page you’ll find a little introduction about both Josh and I and a little history about our weird business name. You guys get to read my thoughts on a constant basis, but if you don’t know me, some things might not make sense… so here we go!

To start off, I’m Bobbie Modica. I am the primary photographer around here and I do most of the writing. When you’re reading one of our posts, it’s usually me behind the wheel. I have always wanted to write, so being able to combine my photography and my writing is one of the best pieces of our little corner of the internet. I’m a 26 year old military brat who has made her home in Texas. I currently hold a B.S and M.S and work in the Academic Department at UTSA. I also have a pretty sweet gig with the UTSA Men’s Basketball Team. I love reading, writing, watching cartoons, taking pictures, and spending time with my husband and family. Oh, and dogs, too. I love dogs so so so much!

The other half of this operation is my gorgeous husband Josh Modica. Josh is the best partner in crime. Where I lack, he makes up for it… and when I’m a little lost, he pulls me to where I need to be. From the start, Josh has been our posing man and kid/dog wrangler. For some reason, kids love the man. He has that inherent father gene that’s going to be great when we have our own kids. Josh is a certified athletic trainer with a B.S. and M.A.. He currently works as the athletic trainer for the UTSA Men’s Basketball team, so our worlds collide in that sense, too. My Joshy loves to play video games, watch Tarantino movies, and tease our sweet puppy Teddy. He’s my main model and his face is splashed all over this place… so you know how cute and photogenic he is!

Every time you click into our website, I’m sure you wonder “what the hell does Boshnasty even mean?” Which is totally okay. We get asked what our name means all the time. When Josh and I first started dating, we deemed ourself Team Bosh. B for Bobbie and osh for Josh. I tagged our instagram posts that way, our wedding hashtag included it… hell, my dad will address us that way every now and again. Josh and I are also avid gamers in all senses of the word. Trivia, video games, board games… you name it. After one of our bouts of gaming, someone turned to us and said “Team Bosh? More like Boshnastys!” And from that point on… the name kind of stuck. We use it as our gamer tag, we use it when we play games together… and now it has stuck around our business, too. So, now you know! Boshnasty has a history and we thought it appropriate to start our future with something that was so genuinely us.

I hope this helps you guys get to know us! We want nothing more than to make lasting connections with the people we work with. All of our clients become family in a way and I know it’s easier to let someone in when you know a little something about them. If you guys ever want to know anything more, you can contact us through this link here! I’d love to answer any questions you guys may have!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…