Christmas Time with the Cartwright/Chavez/Kane Family!

It’s Christmas week, it’s Christmas week! If you weren’t aware before, this is one of my favorite times of the year – the holidays never cease to be such a lovely time. Here’s hoping you’re surrounded by family, or making your way there to enjoy the holiday!

Today’s blog is all about some beautiful clients that have quickly become family to Josh & I. Since Kristin contacted me to shoot her wedding a couple of years ago, I’ve slowly started to shoot all of the fun and exciting times of the Cartwright family. From one wedding to the next, Kristin & Rebecca’s last names might have changed, but the tight knit connection of the family hasn’t changed a bit.

I’m such a fan of the entire units dynamic, so pay special attention to Melissa & her interaction with her sons-in-law. I enjoyed getting to capture such an entertaining set of photos. If only every family dynamic could be so wholesome.

Before I share the photo goodness, I just wanted to share our final Christmas sale – we’re currently offering 20% off all of our sessions until the 23rd. There’s nothing better than the gift of memories, so take advantage while you still can!

Now, without further ado – the Cartwright/Chavez/Kane family Christmas photos!

Mean One Minis & Black Friday, Too!

Hey, everyone! Hope the lead up to turkey day is treating you well & you’re enjoying all of the cyber shopping that’s going on. As someone who gets overstimulated easily, trying to snag all the deals while they’re still hot is hard for me – but we’re getting there!

Over the past few weeks, Josh & I have been putting together our own little Christmas Town and bringing holiday cheer to our little corner of San Antonio. We’ve got one more weekend left and the spots are filling up fast, so don’t hesitate to grab one while you still can!

January & Stephen were a great couple that went with the flow & worked really well with the vibe that Josh was giving – it’s a lot of fun to really get along with clients; it makes the process so much easier. Between their masks and January’s cute baby belly, there wasn’t much that wasn’t awesome in these pictures!

& since I already mentioned cyber shopping, why not throw our Black Friday deals your way? We’re currently offering all of our full length sessions for $105 & our mini sessions for $65 (excluding mean one minis) – this is the lowest price of the year for these sessions, so grab them while they’re hot! We’re also running what we’re calling Christmas Card sessions for $175 – we’ll shoot for an hour & you’ll get 30 photos and 20 Christmas cards (of your choice, of course!) We’ll be keeping these prices around until 11/28 – book your session here!

Happy turkey week, y’all – check out some mean one mini photos below!

Michelle & Trent – Christmas at Flower Vault!

Happiest of Monday’s, everyone! I hope the holiday weekend was everything you wanted it to be and everyone got to capitalize on all of the great deals that come along with our food coma holiday. Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is still going and will be the best prices were offering this year!

Today’s blog post is all about Michelle and her boyfriend Trent. I know Michelle from my job in Athletics. My first year as a GA, I got to work with the Women’s Soccer team pretty closely. As the time passed, I got to spend a lot of quality moments with each of the different ladies – Michelle included. As a former athlete, it was really easy to connect with this lady & it doesn’t hurt that we’re both really into school and stuff, either.

When Michelle approached me about a session, I jumped on it the second that I could. It’s not often that I get to shoot a COUPLE at Flower Vault. I absolutely love that space and it’s a challenge to get people in poses that look good with the same background in each of them. I love a challenge – it’s what makes my job the most fun. When you go through these, you can tell that we had a lot of fun enjoying the space!

While you go through these, I hope you enjoy all of the love between these two. They seem to really enjoy each other’s company and make a good pair!

There you have it! Michelle & Trent, it was a joy to get to know you as a couple and shoot together. We’re currently offering our mini sessions for $60, so a trip to the Flower Vault would be a good way to use that mini session!

We’re currently still offering our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals – which means you can grab a full length session for $135 and a mini session for $60. & since it’s engagement seasons, we’re offering $250 off of all our wedding/marriage packages. These are our lowest prices of the year & the best time to grab a spot for a session. I don’t have too much space left and I’m loving every single second of these holiday sessions. You can also put this session price towards senior photos.

Please capitalize on these prices while you can – we’ll be increasing our prices in the new year!

If you’re interested in any of these sessions, use the contact form below. I’m starting to put the end of the year together and I can’t wait to meet with all of you guys!

As always, thank you! We could not do this thing without you guys and there’s not enough words of thanks I could say to express how important you guys really are. We’re so stoked for this journey and can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

He’s A Mean One – Grinch Mini Sessions!

Happiest of Wednesday’s, everyone! Today is going to be jam packed with lots of baking, prepping for all the cooking tomorrow, and shooting my favorite human in our cool holiday backdrop. This part of the year is one of my absolute favorites, so I’m soaking up all I can of it. So much so that we’re offering our full-length holiday sessions for 40% off!

Today’s blog is all about everyone’s favorite green guy – The Grinch! As a fan of the character for most of my life, it made total sense to offer these sessions. It was a total blast getting all of the backdrops and making the vision come to life. We spent a couple weeks pulling everything together & it turned out so dang well! It doesn’t hurt that my husband is the perfect guy to play the part.

When Josh pulled on the costume, I knew that all of our hard work putting the backdrop together and finding the perfect place to have these shoots was going to pay off. When we did our first couple of sessions and I saw how everything looked on the back of the camera, I was so stoked! It only made sense that our first participant in these sessions was Ryan – one of our favorite little buddies.

As you go through these, enjoy the fact that Ryan is trying to beat Josh up in most of these. We had a blast getting to see more of this little guy come out of his shell and share his likes and interests with us. One of the best parts of these, aside from The Grinch (of course), is how much our clients personalities come out. We’re not doing too much posing, but letting people interact with Josh naturally to get the most genuine reactions!

We’re stoked to offer up these again this upcoming weekend. Since so many families are in town for the holiday, it seemed like a perfect time to offer these again. Check out the information below!

There you have it! If you’re a fan of The Grinch, these are the sessions for you. Josh is awesome with everyone who comes to our little branch of Whoville – so grab a session while you can!

We’re currently in the middle of our holiday rush! To celebrate the holiday week, we’re offering ALL of our full length photo sessions for 40% off. You can book a session with us anytime this week through 12/1 & receive the discount. We’ve been having a blast with all of the cool families and couples throughout the last few weeks and can’t wait to adventure with more of you guys!

We’re also doing another set of Grinch mini sessions this upcoming weekend. It looks like it’s supposed to rain on Saturday, so we’re going to move the second session to Sunday! You can book between 9-2 to grab yourself a spot with our resident Whovillian! We’re booking at half hour increments (9, 9:30, etc.) & these sessions are running for $65. We had a blast last Saturday & Josh gets really into character!

Lastly, we’re offering a cool Flower Vault mini session deal on Friday ONLY! All of our mini sessions are $65 that day, so don’t miss your chance.

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the time our business has been up and running. As the holiday season comes around and I get to see all of the families that have been with us since day one – it reminds me how lucky we really are. Thanks for everything, y’all!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Christmas Pictures – Eliza Parker Style!

Guys, this shoot you’re about to see was by far one of the best I’ve ever done. Not only did Josh and I get to style it the way we want, but we had these great people with us, creating these images. Eliza is someone who works in my office and brings light and joy to everyone around her. If you ask our athletes, they’ll tell you she’s their favorite tutor… hands down. It’s one of the coolest parts of being in my office, honestly. Watching the guys connect with someone… anyone… is always rewarding.

Eliza brought the whole crew for this fun photo shoot. Between the gorgeous puppy and the stunning humans… it was almost too much. The fact that she told me to approach the group as a family is one of the greatest parts of this shoot. These people, her roommate and boyfriend, are Eliza’s chosen family. They are people she keeps in her life and embraces the way she does because they are vital to her being and how she likes to extend it. That’s an absolute joy to be around and even more fun to document on camera.

These images start with a cool little posed backdrop and make their way through The Greenway over by campus. It’s a beautiful spot and the day happened to be the best one in a while… the perfect combination for a great photo shoot. As you go through the images, pay special attention to the happiness that is exuded in each one. There is lots of laughing and the greatest natural smiles you’ll ever see. One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to know a person in their most natural state. I love candid shots and can’t believe the awesome ones I managed to get of these three.

Enjoy the Christmas magic and let this little family unit remind you what’s important around the holidays!

If you couldn’t tell, I had a great time with these pictures. They were full of life and so easy to bring out the most natural beauty in all of them. Eliza, thank you so much for sharing your family with us. We can’t wait to do it again!

Since it’s Christmas time and I’m feeling the season, we’re doing another set of Christmas minis! These are 25 minutes, digital prints, and a super cheap price. If you’re interested, send us a message here and reserve your spot!

If you’re looking for any kind of session information, click this link here and we’ll work together to make your vision come to life! We can’t wait to work with you.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…