Allie Mag – A Senior Photo Adventure!

Happiest of Monday’s, friends! It seems like the busier I am, the quicker the days go – especially the weekend. With the end of basketball season coming up, it’s a little bit insane in our household. Despite that, though – I’m enjoying every single second of the adventure and am hoping you are doing the same!

Today’s blog post is all about my good friend Allie. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve seen Allie in lots of different forms. At Wonder Chamber, rocking a Coraline costume and most recently, as a college graduate! As someone who doesn’t have a high number of friends, it is absolutely insane to get to be a part of something so big!

One of the best parts of doing senior photos is getting to know the person I’m shooting. Since I already know a lot about Allie, we spent the time talking about her experience at UTSA, instead. I’ve been here a long time, especially as a student, but it never fails to amaze me – how different every single person’s experience on campus truly is. If you’re graduating here soon, make sure you take senior photos! It’s one thing to walk the stage, but something totally different to do your victory tour around campus and capturing every single second of it.

Miss Allie, thank you for being not only beautiful but insanely rare. There is something about the person you are that is so fun to be around and so interesting to get to experience. You’re filled with good ideas and have the kindest, most caring soul. The world is not ready for the things you’re going to bring about, but I can’t wait to see what happens, anyway!

There you have it! This tour around campus was filled with beautiful sun, the best places at UTSA, and a great friend. I can’t wait to start the process all over again!

Speaking of the process – it’s almost that time of the year again! I already have a whole slue of senior photo sessions lined up for the next coming weeks & can’t wait to add you to it! One of the best bits of this photography gig is getting to spend time with people who are excitedly achieving something. Graduation photos are some of the best representation of that. With that in mind, I’m offering all of my senior sessions for $135 if you book before 3/17. My schedule for the spring/summer is quickly getting filled up, so don’t miss out on the special date that you want!

With Spring coming up, we’re also offering our bluebonnet mini sessions. These are tons of fun, filled with lots of laughter and gorgeous scenery, and pretty quick! These mini sessions can be booked for any date in March/April and will run for $85. I want to take advantage of the immense beauty that the upcoming season brings, so lets make some gorgeous springtime memories!

Last, but definitely not least, we want to thank you all! This business is nothing without the support of the people looking at our photos, booking sessions, and keeping up with our day-to-day activities. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t get to do what I love the most for work! More than anything, we’re insanely grateful for the people that help us make this dream a reality – so thank you so very much!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Miss Ashley – Class of 2019

Happy Saturday, guys! It’s one of my favorite days – GAME DAY! The fellas of UTSA Men’s Basketball are taking on Southern Miss and I can’t wait to get my camera out and shoot what I hope is going to be a great game. Basketball season is one of my favorite seasons and getting to shoot every Saturday is everything!

Today’s blog post is surprisingly not about basketball. In my time at UTSA, I’ve also gotten to work with lots of the different athletic’s teams – cheer being one of my favorites. I get to meet amazing people, too – like Miss Ashley. This girl is filled with so much potential, personality, and is gorgeous to boot. When she decided to book with me for senior photos, I knew we were going to do some great things.

This session was done in three parts. I got to meet all the kids in her classroom, her pup, and tour around UTSA’s campus. Each part of these sessions were special in their own way and Ashley rocked every single one of them. One of the best parts, though – each outfit worked amazingly and brought out a new piece of her personality.

As you go through these, enjoy all of the different pieces of Ashley you get to see. There’s some Dr. Seuss, tons of cute outfits, and a celebration of all things cheer. I had a great time with these and can’t wait to share them with you guys!

There you have it! Ashley, thank you so so much for trusting me with this big deal. It’s so cool to celebrate with all of my seniors. It’s such a big accomplishment, graduating from college – & I’m always so honored to be a part of it!

We’re also currently booking our Valentine’s Day sessions. For the young ones, we’re putting together a kissing booth that will make for a really gorgeous backdrop. For all the adults, we’re putting together short mini sessions at our favorite outdoor shooting location out in Boerne. These sessions would make for great gifts for your loved ones or for mom’s of little ones that want adorable photos of their littles!

We’re also introducing a referral program. If you’ve shot with us before and happen to know other people that need some photos done – refer us! If they book a session, you’ll get your next session for 50% off. Just tell them to use the code BOSHNASTY20! We love our return costumers and want to share the love with everyone!

As usual, we want to thank everyone for all of the support. Heading into a new year is always a little scary, but we’re surrounded by people that are so supportive and so willing to enjoy all of the work that we put out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a dream and we’re so stoked to keep on living it.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Michael – Class of 2019!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It has been a long one for me, so I’m so very stoked to wind down with my photos and spend time honing in on my craft. Here’s hoping you guys have been having a better day than me!

Today’s blog post is all about my good friend Michael. Not only is he a recent graduate, but he’s one of the smartest cookies I’ve ever met. He and I first met in my office, where we’re both tutors. I remember sitting in one of the cubbies listening to him go on and on about coding and computer stuff. I knew then that this guy was really good at what he was doing. Over the next little bit, tutoring kept us in touch – so when he approached me to do his senior photos, I knew it would be a total blast.

& I wasn’t disappointed a single bit. Michael is filled with personality, intelligence, and is destined to do some great things in his industry. Our time around campus was spent with me learning more about him, his dreams, and his time at UTSA. One of the best parts of this job is getting to know clients and capturing what that means in the photos.

As you go through these, I hope you enjoy his stellar outfit and the cool spots that we ended up grabbing throughout our tour of campus. I had a blast, & I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking & editing them.

There you have it! Senior sessions are my absolute favorite in terms of getting to celebrate people’s huge accomplishments. Getting to shoot all the spots on campus that have made an impact on so many people is so amazing. If you’re about to graduate or want to get a leg up on your senior session, shoot us a message. We’re booking senior sessions all year round!

We’re also currently booking our Valentine’s Day sessions. For the young ones, we’re putting together a kissing booth that will make for a really gorgeous backdrop. For all the adults, we’re putting together short mini sessions at our favorite outdoor shooting location out in Boerne. These sessions would make for great gifts for your loved ones or for mom’s of little ones that want adorable photos of their littles!

We’re also introducing a referral program. If you’ve shot with us before and happen to know other people that need some photos done – refer us! If they book a session, you’ll get your next session for 50% off. Just tell them to use the code BOSHNASTY20! We love our return costumers and want to share the love with everyone!

As usual, we want to thank everyone for all of the support. Heading into a new year is always a little scary, but we’re surrounded by people that are so supportive and so willing to enjoy all of the work that we put out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a dream and we’re so stoked to keep on living it.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Nursing School Graduation – Chelsea Edition!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Josh and I are getting ready to drive the twelve hours to Alabama to see some of my family and do a bunch of photography gigs. It’s always an adventure heading back that way, so we’re looking forward to the time away with new people and my amazing family!

I’ve always admired people in the medical field – especially nurses. These are the people that have to know a lot, think on their feet, and attempt to be nice to every person they come in contact with. I’m not the best with people, especially people I don’t know, so I’ve always respected the ability to do it – with a smile on your face, nonetheless. Today’s blog is all about my good friend Chelsea – who is now a graduate of UT Health’s nursing program! Which means she’s one more medical professional I can take my aches and pains to – & there’s not a thing wrong with that.

Chelsea is a beautiful lady with a personality that matches that. From the second we walked from the parking lot, we were talking about life and what comes next with ease. Though we’ve shot together before, we haven’t spent much time together outside of that – so it was cool to feel the instant connection. It made the hour we spent together go by so fast and so pleasantly. Like most of the people I shoot frequently, I’m already stoked for the next idea and can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

As you go through these, enjoy the beauty of The Pearl and the cool color coordination of UT Health’s scrubs! I enjoyed the whole process with these beauties, so I hope you guys do, too!

There you have it! Many congratulations again, Chelsea – I’m stoked to see where the nursing world takes you and how much goodness you bring to the world. We’re lucky to have ya!

Since we’re heading back to Alabama, we’ll be opening up some sessions on Friday & Saturday night specifically for my Alabama pals! If you’re interested, fill out the contact form below.

We are currently having an end of the summer sale on ALL of our sessions – which means you can grab $50 off any session until the end of August. & if you book a holiday session, we’ll add an extra $20 off to your total session price.

My fall schedule has opened up a little more, so I will be booking some weekday shoots as well as the already scheduled weekends! I’m really excited to be a little more flexible in my booking, and can’t wait to shoot more with you lovely people!

We’re also officially booking our back to school sessions. We will be hosting a few hours of mini sessions on Saturday, August 24th between 9-1. The sessions can be booked in 30 minute intervals, and the $50 discount can be applied! If you’re interested in one of these time slots, fill out a contact form below and we’ll save your spot.

Lastly, I want to get a head start on all of my action photography – since the youth sport seasons are starting up soon! I’m freelancing quite a bit and am stoked to be able to work with more teams & sports. If you’re looking for individual action shots, or shots for your team, please reach out – we’ve compiled a whole new list of packages that can be used for all sports and action shot types! I cannot wait to take part in all of the sports goodness.

As always, thank you for tagging along! We wouldn’t be able to do this without everyone who reads, books, and follows our crazy adventures. We appreciate it and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Jennifer Ramos – Class of 2019!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope the hump of the week is treating you well. Josh and I take off for our next vacation/work trip on Friday evening and we’re super stoked to get away from Texas and adventure somewhere else! It doesn’t hurt that my sweet little nephew is graduating, and we’ll get to celebrate that accomplishment in person.

Speaking of seniors, today’s blog post is about a graduating senior – Jennifer Ramos. Until getting to campus and getting strapped up, I had not met Jen. We spent a bit of time getting to know one another through text message while we planned out our photoshoot, but we did not meet face to face until the time of our session. It’s cool to shoot friends and people I’ve met before, but it’s another thing to shoot someone completely new. I appreciated the challenge of keeping us both comfortable throughout our shoot. The pictures turned out amazing, and we didn’t miss a beat the entire session – so I’d say it was a success!

As we toured campus, it was easy to see that Jennifer is a completely driven woman. She has a goal in mind and will continue to train and run towards it until she’s accomplished it. I also found out that Jennifer is a long distance runner, much like myself – so it was cool to trade running stories and aspirations while we went from place to place. I’m so stoked to have met you, Jen! Thanks for trusting me with these important memories – I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Check out our UTSA Campus adventure below!

There you have it! Ms. Jennifer Ramos – here’s to the future. I’m so very happy to have met you and can’t wait to see where your drive and determination takes you. You’re destined for good things, so keep on running!

We have discounted our senior sessions to $75 until UTSA’s graduation date (5/18). My campus sessions have been filled with other seniors and their photographers doing the same thing. It’s such a cool thing to see and I’m stoked to be a part of it. Contact us with the form at the bottom of this page to grab a relatively cheap session!

One last thing! Josh and I’s anniversary is coming up –  so we’re getting excited! To celebrate, we’re discounting all of our sessions by 25%. This won’t last long, so take advantage and help us celebrate the coolest day of our joint lives!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…


Arlayna – Class of 2019

Happy Sunday, everyone! It has been a crazy couple days for The Modica’s. We’re currently in Springfield, Missouri – soaking up family time & enjoying the many things this gorgeous place has to offer. May is going to be a blast and this is our starting leg!

Today’s blog post is all about Arlayna! Arlayna is someone I’ve known since my last semester of undergrad. I forgot to take statistics and needed the class to graduate, whereas she was a bright eyed freshman just getting started. After a couple weeks of sitting at the end of her table, I finally leaned over and made a connection. We ended up being in the same presentation group at the end of the semester, securing myself an A in the class. Now, Arlayna is all grown up and finishing up her degrees in Nutrition & Dietetics!

As someone who gets to interact with people being academically successful on a daily basis, it’s pretty cool to see people do good things. Yet, it’s even better when the people doing these great things are people I’ve known for a while – and have seen at several different stages of life. Growing up is measured not just by your successes, but by those around you, too – and it’s cool to see we’ve all done some pretty excellent growing.

Take in the pictures below and enjoy the uniqueness that Arlayna brings to the table. She’s stunning, has the brightest of smiles, and used some of the greatest props I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Next time you want to bring an apple to your session, don’t hesitate – it actually looks fantastic!

Congrats, Arlayna – Happy Graduation!

There you have it! Arlayna, we wish you the best of luck. I can’t wait to taste the many creations you bring to the people of the world!

We’re still offering 45% off senior/graduation sessions! Today is the last day to grab this awesome deal. When Josh and I get back from Missouri on the 8th, all of my photography spots are dedicated to senior pictures until we pack up and leave again! Let’s take that victory lap around campus and take some fabulous pictures along the way!

All other sessions have also been discounted – we’re extending our May the 4th Flash Sale one more day. Which means all other sessions are 15% off and will stay that way until 5/8. There is a contact form at the bottom of this post to make for easy booking and question asking!

As always, we appreciate each and every person who stops & takes time to read these words and check out our images. We’re here because of you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Senior Sunday – Shane & Zeus

Happy Sunday, everyone! It has been a gorgeous weekend so far, and it looks as if the day is promising to be just the same. Being in Texas during this time of the year, you never know what you’re going to get – but it’s nice when you’re getting the really nice side of the weather around here! And, as a photographer, the amazing weather is an excellent perk to the photoshoots I’ve gotten to take part in.

On the blog today is Shane and his pal Zeus. Josh and Shane have known each other for a while, and when I started to date Josh, I got to be a part of his friendship with Shane. Shane is a veteran and Zeus is his service animal. They’re pals, and it’s awesome to see the two of them around campus. Zeus, when you’re lucky enough to get to pet/interact with him, is super sweet and incredibly protective of Shane. So, it made the most sense to incorporate him into these pictures, too!

I’ve been enjoying doing these senior sessions over the passed few weeks and can’t wait for all the others I have planned! These sessions are filled with people celebrating their accomplishment, and the way people personalize them make shooting so much fun. As a college graduate who had my own unique experience, it’s cool to know that so many others went to the same place, but enjoyed it in their own way.

It also doesn’t hurt that UTSA has a beautiful campus! We’re still got a few sessions open, if you want to explore it with us.

Enjoy our senior pal below! He’s full of spunk and a personality that’s worth knowing!

There you have it! Shane, thanks for celebrating your awesome accomplishment with Josh & I. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the world and end up doing with your many experiences!

I’m so stoked to celebrate with you guys that we’re discounting our sessions by 35%! If you book with us before the end of April, we’ll give you an extra 5% off. I’m not going to be taking on too many more sessions, so book while you still can!

I also need a bit of help! I’m thinking about doing some Mommy & Me sessions in celebration of Mother’s Day. Would anyone be interested in a session like that? They’d be mini sessions, so a much cheaper option! I’ll leave a contact form below to make giving feedback and book more easy!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Eliza – Senior Edition!

Happy Friday, everyone! This is my day off throughout the week, so I soak up every second of the downtime as I possibly can. Today, I got to finish off one of the most gorgeous galleries I’ve ever put up. I’m sure I say that every time I put one of these posts together, but it’s so cool to see beautiful people reflected in my photography!

You’ve seen this cat on the blog before – Ms. Eliza and her friends were debuted around Christmas time with a cool little smushed family photo shoot. This time, Eliza is here for an even cooler and more exciting reason – she’s graduating! Finishing high school is one thing, but getting that college diploma is one of the greatest feelings ever. For the first time, you’ve gotten to make all your life choices and the culmination of those choices has resulted in a college degree. For me, it was one of the best indicators of finally being “an adult”.

Eliza, we’re so insanely stoked for you! I’ve enjoyed all the time I’ve gotten to know you over the passed few years and can’t wait to see what you unleash upon the masses. Whether it’s art or your creativity thrust upon the science community – it’s going to be something great! There’s nothing like walking that stage, so I’m so excited you trusted us to capture your celebration of that. These are some of my favorites!

The pictures below are filled with UTSA pride and happiness that can’t be contained. Here’s hoping you enjoy them as much as we did!

There you have it! We’re so stoked for the Class of 2019 to get their time to shine, and we’re here to celebrate. We had a blast with Eliza and can’t wait to celebrate with some of you guys!

We are currently discounting senior/graduation session prices by 25%! My calendar is pretty full, so I’m trying to give everyone the chance to book before I don’t have anymore space. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, so let’s go explore your beautiful campus!

Since I’m a UTSA alum, all of my UTSA grads can grab an extra 5% off by using the code BIRDSUP when booking your session!

We’re also putting on some Easter/Spring mini sessions the next couple of weekends! You can find the times that are available through this post here. The backdrop and props are pretty cute, and would make for great family pictures!

Thanks for tagging along, guys. Every single thing I put up on the blog is made possible because of the people who book sessions and read through our adventures. We are forever grateful!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Welcome March – A Sale!

Hi everyone! I hope your Friday is treating you well and the weekend is looking nice and bright for you. The weather where I’m at is pretty gross at the moment, but I’m hopeful the activities I have planned will make up for the dreary weather. Winter here in Texas has been weird this year to say the least, and I’m very very ready for a little bit of consistency. Especially where my photography is concerned. We want pretty weather for pretty pictures, not this grey stuff!

Anyway – I’m sure you’re wondering what this post is all about, so I won’t leave you hanging! We’re putting together another sale over here at Boshnasty Photos. I think it’s important to put this out here now because my summer is very quickly filling up. Between family vacations, sporting events, weddings, and graduations – there’s a lot going on. So, I’m hoping by putting out a sale now, I’ll be able to entice you guys to book now instead of later. I want to experience all I can with you guys and I’d hate to have a full calendar that can’t include everyone!

From now until March 10, 2019, we’re offering 25% off on every session. This includes our wedding packages, sports shooting packages, and regular portrait sessions. This is a cool deal and ends up being more than 50+ depending on the package.

To make it more enticing, we’re including some printing in each of the sessions booked from now until 3/10. I’ve been working with a great printing services that puts together awesome stuff and would like to extend that to you guys. So, not only can you get 25% off a session, but you’ll walk away with prints you’ve chosen at the end of it!

I’ve included an booking form at the end of this post to make things a little easier. We’ve done lots of sales before, but this one is the one I’m the most excited for. I’m hoping everyone that is interested can book a session before things get too crazy for the Modica’s in the coming months. Simply fill out the form and we’ll get your session set up and ready to go!

There you have it! I can’t wait to work with you guys and make photography magic! I love this job and am so excited to continue to get to do it.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Graduation Sessions!

Hi, everyone! It’s one of the best times of the year for someone who works in academics. We’re so close to the end that everyone is either filled with energy or drained beyond belief. I work surrounded by kids coming and going to class, so I’ve seen just about every single attitude in between. One of the coolest pieces of my job in academics, though, is seeing people succeed. In the college world, that means walking across that stage with a degree. I’ve been at my job in some capacity for the passed almost 4 years, so I’ve seen a few people come and go. It’s always fun to celebrate graduation, and it’s even more fun to celebrate the people you’ve been helping for so long.

Since I’m so excited to celebrate graduation, and I love my job as a photographer, I’m going to combine the two and create something amazing for all those grads out there. All grad sessions have been reduced in price! Instead of working with the full 100% total for sessions, we’ll be functioning under a 85% total, instead. For all of my UTSA grads, I’m going one step further. I’m going to take another 20% off the total price for graduation sessions. Which means, if you’re a Roadrunner, you won’t want to miss this. I loved doing my senior pictures to celebrate graduation and I want more than anything to do the same with all you graduates out there!

Simply fill out the form below to book your session and secure your date and time. All my UTSA friends, add the code UTSA18 to the comments section and I’ll add that additional discount to the quote!

I’m so so so excited to celebrate with you guys, so don’t hesitate to book now! Let’s explore UTSA’s campus, or downtown San Antonio in celebration of a job well done and another life step taken!

There you have it! All my graduates out there, let’s come together and celebrate something truly phenomenal. I can’t wait to talk to you about your degree and your future while we explore the places around here that describe you and your journey the best. This discount runs through the date of graduation, so don’t miss out!

And just for kicks… Birds up!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…