Holiday Sessions in the Studio!

Hi, my friends! I know, I know – it’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in. Do you ever feel like time is flying by around you and you can’t stop it? That’s what the last couple of months have felt like over here. But – I’m back and here with info about holiday sessions!

I can’t believe that it’s already November (not quite, but pretty much!). That means I’m all geared up for the holiday season. Josh is prepped and ready to be Santa and the backdrops are primed, polished, and filled to the brim with Christmas cheer! All that’s missing is you guys. So, here’s the sitch – we’re shooting two backdrops this year. One in the studio and one outside. Both are beautiful, both are perfect for families and couples and large groups and pets, even. My guy Josh will be Santa for both, so the choice is really up to you guys!

Simply shoot us a message and snag a holiday session time/date. My schedule is getting really tight and filled to the gils, so don’t wait around, my friends. Click this link here to snag your spot.

Now, what you guys are really here for – Emma & Jozy’s time in the studio. Get ready for sass and attitude as you flip through these snaps, you’ll feel both girls’ personalities from first glance.

Valentine’s Day Minis

Howdy folks! I’m checking back in on this lovely Tuesday hoping everyone is well & enjoying the start of the week. My guy is finally coming home today, so I’m excited!

Today’s blog post is all about my latest studio set up. It’s a glorious thing, having a studio in my own home. I have enjoyed every single second of walking up the stairs to go to work. It also doesn’t hurt that I get to play with a ton of different sort of shoots just by changing the background.

For VDAY this year, I decided to put together a little Boho inspired setup. Josh & I love music and records, so it only made sense to pay homage to our love while creating something really great with my clients.

As the day draws closer, I wanted to put some of these sessions on sale! On the 13th & 14th, my VDAY studio sessions are only $95. These sessions would make a great gift for the ones you love!

I only have a handful of spots left (which is so exciting) – so don’t wait to book! Head over to this link here to snag a spot.

Check out a few of my favorite from some of my shoots below – the vibe is chill & the people are gorgeous!!!

Christmas Time with the Cartwright/Chavez/Kane Family!

It’s Christmas week, it’s Christmas week! If you weren’t aware before, this is one of my favorite times of the year – the holidays never cease to be such a lovely time. Here’s hoping you’re surrounded by family, or making your way there to enjoy the holiday!

Today’s blog is all about some beautiful clients that have quickly become family to Josh & I. Since Kristin contacted me to shoot her wedding a couple of years ago, I’ve slowly started to shoot all of the fun and exciting times of the Cartwright family. From one wedding to the next, Kristin & Rebecca’s last names might have changed, but the tight knit connection of the family hasn’t changed a bit.

I’m such a fan of the entire units dynamic, so pay special attention to Melissa & her interaction with her sons-in-law. I enjoyed getting to capture such an entertaining set of photos. If only every family dynamic could be so wholesome.

Before I share the photo goodness, I just wanted to share our final Christmas sale – we’re currently offering 20% off all of our sessions until the 23rd. There’s nothing better than the gift of memories, so take advantage while you still can!

Now, without further ado – the Cartwright/Chavez/Kane family Christmas photos!

Thanksgiving with the Dunlop’s

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I have been working, working, working to keep up with the busy holiday season – here’s hoping you all are taking time to enjoy the little things in between all the hustle and bustle!

Today’s blog post is all about one of my all time favorite families! If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably seen the Dunlop’s grandchildren on the blog a time or two. We’ve been documenting those beautiful little moments within their family for the past couple of years. This time around, however, we got the whole crew together & caught each of their children’s families on camera. It was an absolute blast to meet the part of Mark & Terry’s team we haven’t before.

As you go through these, mark the uncanny resemblance of everyone within the pictures. It’s a treat to get to see multiple generations of one family interacting and existing within the same space. Viewing genetics at work is an amazing thing!

So, without further ado; A Holiday with the Dunlop Family!

Holiday Photos With The Filo Boys

Happy Monday, everyone! Despite the weekend feeling like it was only a couple of minutes long, it was a successful one – the Roadrunners are 9-0, so there’s truly not much to complain about! Here’s hoping your Saturday & Sunday felt just as successful.

On the blog today is a set of new faces that I’m so excited to share with you guys! Being in the UTSA family means getting to know all the parts and pieces of the operation & their families. Though we’d never met in person before, reaching out to Brittany felt like the easiest thing to do. Not long after, her beautiful boys were in the studio helping me make photo magic. One of the best parts of this job is creating a connection & this new one is one I’m so very excited to have.

I can’t forget the lovely addition to these photos, however. Chelsea, who has graced the blog once before, embodied Cindy Lou Who in place of Josh’s Grinch for the session. To say she did it perfectly would be a genuine understatement. Not only is she creative to a fault, but Chelsea is also a fantastic artist herself & made most of her costume from scratch. With the new addition, the parts & pieces of our little San Antonio Whoville are really starting to come together.

Before we get to the pictures, I wanted to take a second to talk about these fun holiday sessions. On top of The Grinch, Josh is stepping into the black boots and white beard of Santa – which means we’re offering both Cookies with Santa and Mean One Minis for the rest of November & into December. These sessions are packed full of spirit and cheer (& they end up being a blast, too)! Spaces are limited, so if you’re looking to change up your holiday celebration this year, click over to our contact page & snag a session for yourself!

Now, without further ado, here’s Colton, Carter, & Cindy Lou!

Emma & Jozy (feat Santa)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the week wasn’t all that hectic and your weekend plans are something to look forward to. If you’re as dedicated to the Roadrunners as we are, you’ll be sweating out the UTEP game tomorrow right along with us!

Today on the blog, I’m highlighting a couple of faces that you might have seen before. Emma & Jozy are the daughters of friends of ours who are not only incredibly badass (black belts, y’all – & so young, too!) but adorable to boot. When we started planning our Santa photos, having them come out to shoot with us was an absolute must!

Now that it’s actually appropriate to be celebrating Christmas (without all the side eyeing of doing it so early), I’m super excited to get into the grind of these Santa/Grinch sessions. Of the ones that we’ve done already, each has been unique while remaining fun and exciting, not just for our clients, but for Josh & I, too. It’s an absolute blast to watch Josh settle into the Santa role while entertaining the people in our studio at the time.

If you’re looking for something different to do with the family for holiday photos this year, look no further! A lot of our November dates are already filled up, but there’s still a bit of room & the whole month of December to book out. These sessions are short, sweet, and guaranteed to be filled with lots of fun & laughter. Interested in booking? Head over to the contact page to get started!

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what you all actually came for – Emma & Jozy and their time with Santa!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Clause!

Howdy, friends! Today’s post is all about my favorite person in the whole entire world, my Joshy. If you’ve been hanging around long enough, you’ve seen his face all over the blog time and time again.

Today, however, is a very special day – my sweet husband turns 34!!! One of the best parts of being married is experiencing the way life changes from year to year. Between holidays, birthdays, and every day in between, our time together is always an adventure. I know it’s silly, digging out extra time one day of the year when every day should be a gift, but I never balk away from the little things in life that give me an extra chance to show my guy I love him!

Aside from his every day work, Josh does great things for me and the baby of a business I have nursed and watch grow for a handful of years now. He’s my equipment guy, the best model, even the pose man when my creativity is lacking. There are times when he keeps me in the game just by driving me to sessions and being there. He’s a flawless Grinch and this year, he decided to take on Santa, too! So many things my Joshy does. There’s not possibly a way to be grateful enough for all of it..

If you haven’t gotten the chance to see some of his best cosplay yet, I’ve attached a few shots of both is Grinch and Santa to the bottom of this post – he truly is spot on with each of his characters. We’re currently booking both Mean One minis & Cookies with Santa, so don’t miss your chance to see him embody the greats live and in the flesh. Shoot us a message here to get the process started!

Before I go, I just want to wish Josh the happiest of birthdays – here’s to many more, my love!

& without further ado, the many faces of Josh Modica!

Justin’s First – A Football Themed Cake smash

Hey everyone! I have been so caught up in the beginning of fall that I completely neglected some of my favorite work I did throughout the summer. The busy season is upon us, so I’ve been shooting a lot more than usual – sometimes, editing & sharing take a back seat. Today, however, I’m here to share some of my favorite cake smash pictures to date!

The past couple of months have been all about first birthdays! A lot of my friends had kids right around the same time, so I get to enjoy all of the fun (half-year photos, first birthday parties) in a big clump throughout a handful of weeks. It’s a blast to not only see each of their little ones develop, but to experience how each of the families have grown, too.

Little Justin has been in front of my camera what seems like since the day he was born. In the last year, I’ve gotten to see him get bigger, say new words, and even get up on two feet and walk! Since Josh & I don’t have any kids of our own, I always marvel at those little developmental things. Having access to those kinds of moments is one of the best parts of my job as a photographer!

Down below, you’ll get to see some of my favorites from Justin’s cake smash! Kelly, who is the queen of all things planning, put together a gorgeous array of props and things to really make the whole thing a great experience for all. Between his tough man look and the way he enjoyed the balloons, I’d count these as a complete success.

Before you get to the pictures, I just wanted to add a few details about exciting things coming your way!

If you’re looking to book a holiday session, do so early! My November/December schedule is already hectic – plus, it’s visually stunning right now; who wouldn’t want to get their family photos done in all this luscious green surrounding us at the moment?

On top of family sessions for the upcoming holiday season, Josh & I are bringing back our Christmas mini sessions! This year, Josh is getting back into the Grinch mask to bring life to our Texas based Whoville once again. We’ve upgraded our backdrop and can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. To bring something new to the table this year, we’ve also put together ‘cookies with Santa’ mini sessions that are going to be an absolute blast! I’ll be releasing info on both sessions very soon – if you’d like to be once of the first to receive it, leave your name & email below so I can add you to our mailing list.

Spaces will be limited, so don’t wait too long!

With all that said, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for – Justin’s football themed cake smash!!!

Ryan takes on Eilan – A VDAY Adventure!

Happiest of Tuesday’s, everyone! I’ve been pretty lethargic all day with a sinus infection, but I couldn’t wait to get these photos up. They’re the perfect way to count down the days until VDAY on Friday. Hope you’re feeling a bit better than me and the week is shaping up to be a good one!

Today’s blog post is all about our good pal, Ryan. This kid is one of the coolest humans I’ve ever gotten to know. He’s so intelligent and has so many different interests that he knows so much about. Whenever we get together to do pictures, he is so excited and brings a lot of joy to our time together. For Josh and I, he’s someone we get to expand our craft with and it’s amazing to see him grow and change over the time we’ve known him.

If you’ve ever been to Eilan, you know that the architecture is amazing! There are so many cool buildings and colors that just seem to coordinate so well together – despite being so different. It was cool to let Ryan roam around the cool scenery and come up with things to do with the props we brought with us. His spirit is so rich in all of these, it’s pretty cool.

As you go through these, enjoy how Ryan is totally embodying a tiny Casanova. These were a total blast and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

There you have it! Ryan, you’re a blast as usual. Can’t wait to see what we come up with next. If you’re looking for a cool session like this, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this post!

As Valentine’s Day looms closer, we’ve decided to offer some sessions on THE BIG DAY. Josh mentioned that couples get dressed up beautifully and kids have parties in school – so why not offer the opportunity to get some photos done while they’re dressed to impress. It’s a pretty good idea, so we’ll be offering mini sessions on 2/14 from 11-5. These are going to be loads of fun, fast (20 minutes), and a great way to kick off a great evening with the people you love. Fill out the comment card below to grab a time!

We’re also in the works of putting together some bluebonnet sessions. If you’re interested in these, or have a good place that you know has these beauties in surplus, let us know! Spring in San Antonio is one of the best times for photos, so we’re excited to start shooting in the gorgeous weather coming up.

Lastly, we want to thank each and every person reading this right now. We get to live our dream and it’s because people support us by reading the blog, scheduling sessions, and checking out our photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

The Pittman’s – A Cibolo Nature Center Adventure!

Happiest of Friday’s, everyone! Here’s hoping it’s the last day of work for the a little while and the beginning of holiday celebrations. We’ve got one more day until we can be considered “off”, but I’m not mad about it – I’ll take UTSA Men’s Basketball any day!

Today’s blog post is about a beautiful family that Josh and I have the pleasure of getting to work with at UTSA. The Pittman’s have two gorgeous daughters that take after their parents so much, and Derek & Amber are two of the kindest people I’ve ever met. When I was approached to work with them, I knew it was going to be a blast. & when we walked up to see their coordinated outfits, I figured these were going to go off without a fault!

Not only were they amazingly coordinated, but we got to adventure around one of my favorite places in Boerne – Cibolo Nature Center. I’m not sure what it is about that place, but it allows me to create something new each and every time we head that way to shoot. There’s a new place I find, or figure out the light a little bit better… it’s one of the best parts of doing this job and exploring all of the great places around Texas.

As you go through these, I hope you enjoy their coordination and how happy they seem to be with one another. We didn’t have to work hard at all to get these four to enjoy their time together. You can tell in these photos – so I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

There you have it! Pittman’s, thank you for trusting us with personifying your family – it was a total blast. Oh, and a special shoutout to Ms. Amber – Happiest of Birthdays!

We’re offering our holiday special until 12/31, which means you don’t have to rush to get your family photos done before Christmas. We’re going to be taking some time off to celebrate the holiday, but we’ll be back and ready to close out the year very soon. Don’t wait around, though – we’re bumping up our prices after the new year!

I’m also looking to do some cool New Years Eve sessions to cap off the year and could use some models! If you’re interesting, don’t hesitate to fill in the form at the bottom of this post. It’s going to be a blowout, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Lastly, and probably most importantly, thank you! I’ve gotten to live my dream because so many great people support our business. Whether you’re booking a session, checking out our photos, or simply reading this post – you’re contributing to something that is so very important to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, & happy holidays!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…