Courtney & Brent – A Maternity Session

Hey, friends! Two blog posts in one week is a rarity for me, so I’m really excited to be sitting here writing this. With all of the holiday madness coming up, I’m trying to stay on top of my game. Here’s hoping that plan stays solid all the way through!

Anyway, I’m checking in today to share one of my favorite maternity sessions to date! Brent & Courtney are close friends of ours that can’t wait to welcome their new addition to the world. Shooting with them throughout their session, it was insanely apparent that their little girl is so eagerly anticipated. These two together make a great couple & will rock parenting’s socks off when the time comes.

We spent a gorgeous evening out in Boerne after our first attempt was rained out. Low and behold, the sky decided to open up during this try, too. Something really cool happened, though – only a few raindrops fell, giving the perfect ambience and leaving behind a gorgeous double rainbow. As a photographer, I have never seen something like that, and when all is said and done, I probably won’t any time soon, either. As you look through the pictures, take a second to really appreciate just how beautiful the world around us really can be. Sometimes, you’re standing at the right place at the perfect moment – I’m so stoked it just so happened to be during these photos!

Before we get to the main event, I wanted to mention my holiday shooting schedule. Many of the dates are already booked and my freedom dwindles down by the day. Our Christmas minis have been a blast so far & I can’t wait to get into the heart of them, but they’re selling out fast, too! If you’re interested in family photos or some time with Santa, click over to the contact page to grab more information & book a session!

Now – here’s what you really came for; check out the beauty of Courtney & Brent’s maternity session!

Chelsea & Christian – A Boerne Adventure

Happiest of Friday’s, my friends! It’s a great day, simply because it’s the end of the week and the weekend will be here before we know it. My niece is coming to town, so I’m a little extra excited for Saturday to get here. She’s a gorgeous human person & time with her is the best!

Today’s blog post is about Chelsea & Christian and our Cibolo Nature Center adventure. If you’ve never been to that place, you’re going to want to go after you see these gorgeous shots. There’s a creek within a big grassy area, within beautiful trees. There are so many different places to snag great shots that it’s kind of overwhelming. Regardless, we managed to pick some of the places that caught our eye first – & they turned out fabulously!

I first met Christian during my grad school program. I was at the end, taking a summer class, and he was just starting. We shared the incredible experience that is Dr. Yao’s class & made it out successfully at the end. Since then, we’ve both been in athletics, doing our own thing. Fast-forward a little bit & Christian is now working closely with my husband on the basketball team. Which means we obviously needed to be adult friends. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is fantastic & the four of us seemed to get along swimmingly on the warm Sunday afternoon we shared.

Now – Christian & Chelsea are one adorable couple. They joke, laugh, & play the entire time they interact. There were a lot of smiles being shared and this cool sort of energy just surrounds them. When you go through these, all of those qualities will be totally apparent. One of the first spots we had them sit down and Christian challenged Chelsea to a game of rock, paper, scissors – it was the cutest thing I’ve seen! It’s natural & easy, so I hope that’s felt in the photos.

Without further ado – my favorites from Chelsea & Christian’s Boshnasty Photos adventure!

There you have it! Chelsea & Christian, thanks for coming out to shoot with us. It was a great time & the result was even better. You guys are so very great!

We’re currently offering family/couple sessions for 25% off! From now until June 31st, we’re celebrating the beauty of summer and the fun families can have together over the course of the next couple of months. Get yourself on our calendar and let’s make some photo magic!

As always, thank you for coming to the site & reading about our adventures. You guys are the only reason we get to do what we do – so we appreciate you very, very much!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Aundrea & Angelo – An Anniversary Session!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope the hump of the week is treating you well and the rest of the week flies by into the weekend. As always, Josh and I have some great stuff coming up Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – so we’re pretty psyched for the end of the week!

This gallery is all about my good friend Aundrea and her adorable husband Angelo. You’ve seen these two on the blog before – Aundrea is beautiful, so any chance I have to shoot her, I totally take it. These two started dating a little while after Josh and I did, so as per usual, Aundrea and I went through our life stages right around the same time. To celebrate their first full year of marriage together, we decided pictures were the only way!

IMG_8754 copy

These two are so good together, so they’re a blast to be around! Aundrea is so carefree and Angelo gets her to smile with his little quips and jokes. They laugh, smile, and relax around each other like people who have been married forever – not just one year. To be honest, it was one of the most fun sessions we’ve had since we started this gig! I’m so happy to have gotten to experience who they are together and what their love looks like. Aundrea is a great friend and it’s so exciting to gain another through her marriage to Angelo.

Josh and I are super stoked to drop these pictures tonight! Check out the coy smile Aundrea has, or the soft way Angelo looks at her. They made greatness on camera, so pay close attention!

There you have it. Aundrea & Angelo, thanks for letting us capture you guys – we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again! You two are a beautiful couple and it totally shows!

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Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Merry Christmas – From Us to You!

Happy Holidays, everyone! If you’re anything like me, you both love and dislike the holidays all at once. There are so many traditions that I love with everything I have. I come from a big family with deeply enriched lineage that has been doing the same thing over the holidays for ages. Growing up and learning all the different things that made us a family, I’m appreciative of the togetherness and tradition this time of the year calls for. On the other hand, it’s busy and I always spend way too much money. That’s the catch of the season, though. I know in my heart of hearts that I’ll buy into it every year because of how amazing all the other stuff really is.

This year, Team Bosh (B from Bobbie and Osh from Josh) decided to celebrate the holiday season with some silly pictures. One of the things I love the most about my husband is his willingness to do new things. In our time together, we’ve both crossed new and different things off our lists – and that’s an incredible piece of our life together. In terms of photographs, Josh has been on my side since the beginning. If you can’t tell, he’s my favorite model and is always willing to go with the flow. The numerous shoots you’ve seen of him should be a good cue to that. When I came up with this idea, he took it and rolled with it, helping out in the most amazing ways. The outcome, I must say, exceeded my expectations. I love photography and these pictures we captured are so many of the reasons why.

So, this is us wishing you a Happy Holiday! Whether you celebrate Christmas, or simply enjoy the time with your family, we hope you are among people you love and having a time you consider to be great. As we grow our family, we’re enjoying all of the new things we’re incorporating into the Modica Family traditions… and this is one of them! We hope you appreciate the humor and our unique personalities that shine through in these pictures. Josh is a jokester, but also the cutest person I know. I don’t often show my face around here because the sheer amount of awkward I bring to the table… but The Grinch was a part of the deal and I could never pass that up!

Enjoy our fun family photoshoot! Teddy tagged along and added some extra cute, so we hope you appreciate that, too.

There you have it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bobbie and Josh Modica here at Boshnasty Photos! We’re so stoked to have people who come and enjoy our pictures, people who hire us, and people who support us. It’s tough to run your own business, but this is the lucrative piece that is so tangible and so heart warming. We can’t wait to see what next year brings for us and hope you stick along on our journey through life and photography!

If you’re looking for your own photo session, simply click this link here and we’ll make some photo magic! I can’t wait to meet you guys and create the beauty of your vision.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

AND – Happy Holidays! xoxo