Shelby Williams – A Gruene Adventure!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s the first full week back in classes and I’ve been hustling to keep up with all of the new material. I love reading, but there’s going to be a ton of it this semester! Here’s hoping the start of your week has been well and you’re looking at a great end to it!

Today’s blog post is all about Miss Shelby Williams. I watched Shelby grow into a beautiful human that has so many dreams and goals throughout her college career. She’s a previous member of UTSA’s Volleyball team, so if you’re a die hard Runners’ fan, you’ve seen her in action before. Shelby is full of excitement and will to live, packed to the brim with intention and determination, and filled with so much beauty – it’s actually insane.

I’ve shot with Shelby once before and upon finishing that shoot, she brought up Gruene. Since that’s much more her scene, I decided the next time we shot, we’d absolutely shoot there. Not only did she fit in perfectly to the beautiful surroundings, she stood out in the most perfect way, as well. When she stepped out of her huge truck wearing a jacket with fringe and the coolest hat – I knew this session was going to be amazing.

& I was not a single bit disappointed. As you go through these, I hope you can enjoy how comfortable Shelby is in this environment. The candid nature of these posed photos makes them most excellent – & the addition of her awesome hat just makes these even better. I had a blast with these, & I hope you enjoy them just as much!

There you have it! Shelby, you’re a blast to shoot with and I’m so excited to try out all the new spots you showed me. I can’t wait to see the next spot we decide to shoot in and the adventure we have! If you’re looking for a shoot like this, send us a message – lets make some most excellent memories!

We’re currently booking our Valentine’s Day Studio Sessions – they’re fast and fun & our backdrop is very cute. These are going for $95 and have been a blast so far. I’m turning over all of my edits to you guys – so you’re getting a lot for your money. We’ve also discounted our full hour length sessions! Book with us now until 2/14 & grab 15% off ANY hour session. These discounted sessions make for great gifts! We’ve even created a voucher for those that have purchased these sessions for other people!

After taking a look at my calendar, it’s easily filling up much quicker than it did last year. I’m currently booking senior sessions, engagements, and family session all the way out in June already. If you’re looking to have some photos done and want to make sure your date is still available… book with us now! This year has been full of fun already & we can’t wait to see where the days take us. Use the code BOSHNASTY20 to refer a friend and both parties will receive 20% off their session.

As always, thank you so very much for the support! This is a dream and has been an absolute blast. We couldn’t have done anything close to this without you guys and all the different ways we’ve been supported over the passed couple of years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Fall Time Beauty – Bridget Style!

Happy Monday, everyone! We just got back from Orlando with Men’s Basketball (which means you’ll be getting basketball galleries here very soon!) & it was nice to catch up some editing I’ve been putting off. This is the busiest time of the year and I’m loving every second of it!

Today’s blog post is all about my girl Bridget. This girl is someone I met through athletics and I’m so glad to know her. She’s full of life, beauty, and this charisma that goes with her everywhere. Which is probably why she’s a fabulous cheerleader, too! The last time you saw her, she was on the blog with her handsome boyfriend, Mundo – but today, it’s all about her!

We went to one of the prettiest parks in Boerne and wandered around right through the golden hour. One of the best parts of fall is all the gorgeous colors, and these photos absolutely showcase that. Not only were the colors amazing, but the scenery we found to shoot around was amazing, too!

As you go through these, enjoy all of the simple poses that really highlight all of the other gorgeousness within the photo. I think it’s cool to just be able to capture someone naturally, and we did a great job of that with Bridget during this shoot. I’m stoked for these, so I hope you enjoy!

There you have it! Bridget, thank you for being amazing and always be up for whatever we throw your way. That makes this job so much more worth it! If you’re up for an adventure around this gorgeous location – shoot us a message! It would be absolutely perfect for Christmas card photos.

We’re currently booking our holiday sessions and man – it’s getting really really busy! If you’re looking to have some photos done, please make sure you book a session soon. It’s one of the peak times for basketball and we’re already pretty booked for the rest of the month! We’re also offering our cheapest prices of the year – so don’t miss out!

I’m also really excited to announce our Flower Vault mini sessions! They just put together their Christmas installation and it’s gorgeous – which means I have to make sure I shoot you gorgeous people there at least a time or two. This upcoming Saturday (11/16) and Sunday (11/17) we’re headed to Flower Vault from 12-5. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this post to grab yourself a spot – I’ve already filled a few out already!

As always, thank you for your support. This is a dream, and it’s only possible because of all you beautiful humans that contribute to it. Whether that’s booking a session, looking at a photo, or simply reading this post. Thank you! You are all the best and we’re soooo grateful!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Brianna – A Fall Photo Adventure!

Happiest of Tuesday’s everyone! It’s a cool week for the Modica’s. We’re headed to California to take on the greatest place on Earth – Disneyland! Josh and I are the biggest Disney nerds, so it’s going to be a blast getting to get on all the rides and meet all the characters we’ve been talking about for ages!

Today’s blog post is all about my gorgeous friend Brianna! She’s a member of UTSA’s cheerleading squad and I absolutely adore all of those beautiful humans. As someone who did routines over and over again until I got them absolutely perfect, I hold a little bit of kinship with these athletes. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all stunning and take the most wonderful photos!

We adventured around one of my favorite places, Cibolo Nature Center. As you go through that place, you see tons of different foliage that makes it seem like you enter a new place each and every time. It is finally starting to look like fall there, so we decided to make the most of it. Brianna is a nature in front of the camera, too! We adventured around and I pointed places out, she struck her pose, and then we moved on. It’s amazing when sessions are that easy and seamless!

When you go through these, enjoy Brianna’s natural beauty and the way she sets a tone in the photos. They were a blast to take and an even better time to edit! I hope you enjoy!

There you have it! Brianna, thanks for coming out to shoot with us. You’re a stunning person both inside and out. We’ll be stoked to work with you again in the future!

We’re still booking our fall sessions, y’all. They have been so beautiful this far and it’s only going to get better as the weather actually starts to change around here. If you’re looking to get some seasonal family portraits done, or just want to tumble around in the gorgeous fall foliage, let’s have an adventure! Our fall sessions are discounted to a really great price right now and will stay that way until 11/1 – so definitely take advantage of that before it’s too late!

Our Christmas sessions are coming up, too! We’re currently booking all of these sessions and want to maximize on all the beauty that is coming to San Antonio before it gets too cold. We’re putting together two different types of sessions – Grinch minis and Christmas Tree Farm sessions. You can book either of these sessions throughout the rest of the year. They’ll be perfect for Christmas cards and all that fun stuff. My gorgeous Joshy is going to be The Grinch – & it’s going to be an absolute blast!

You can use the contact form at the bottom of this post to book your session! I’m quickly starting to fill up my schedule because basketball season is starting and I’ll be insanely busy with that. So, if you’d like to book any type of session, do it soon!

Lastly, we want to say thank you! You guys are the reason I get to go out and shoot every week. It has been a blast developing this business and it wouldn’t be where it is without those who book with us, check out our pictures, and read my rambles once or twice a week. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Zoe takes Eilan – A Portrait Session

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m pretty stoked to see the weekend at the end of this week. For some reason, this one has felt like an eternity. Aside from that, I’m grateful for the jam packed days I’ve had and the ones that are heading my way. It doesn’t hurt that we’re heading to Austin this weekend, either – I love a good trip to Austin!

Today’s blog post is all about my good pal Zoe. This lady and I go way back. Maybe not in the sense that we’ve been close forever, but I knew her in some of my most important years as a young adult. Zoe ran track with UTSA during my time as a student athletic trainer. In my training knowledge came knowledge about people – and this chick was always one that gave out as good as she got. If you’re looking to have a good conversation, seek her out – it’s never dull!

This session took us a few months to plan, which is funny – because it seemed like we’d just seen each other when I walked up to her at Eilan. Once we finally settled on a time and date and actually got to meet up – I knew this thing was going to go really well. As we went around the gorgeous shopping complex, we chatted about life, got some good shots, and enjoyed a pretty awesome summer day. All and all, a session I’m so stoked to have been a part of!

As you go through these, take in the cool background and Zoe’s impeccable posing ability. There’s a lot of looking to the sky and I appreciate the aesthetic that brings to the natural light we were shooting in. Check them out below!

There you have it! Zoe, thanks for being a champ & braving the mid-morning heat. These are beautiful and I’m so stoked to have seen you!

To round out the summer, we’re putting on some sunset minis at Cibolo Nature Center! August 8th, & 15th we’ll be out in Boerne for two mini session times. You can book either 6:30 or 7:15 so we can catch that gorgeous honey golden light. If you’re interested in sessions that are lower in price and faster than the norm, these are where it’s at!

We’re also still offering 15% off all our couple/engagement/wedding packages! Until the end of the summer, you and your forever person can get photos for a reduced price. We’ve been loving all the gorgeous summer sunlight, so don’t wait around – it’s the best time of the year for those sunset adventures!

Lastly, we’re now booking into October/November/December – which means I’m putting together my holiday session lists. Throughout the next couple of months, I’ll be shooting several different minis, on location Halloween & Christmas styled sessions, and lots of family portraits! The spots I have available are slowly starting to fill up – so as an incentive to book early, we’re offering 15% off all of these sessions as well. I can’t wait to see the magic we can make!

As always, thank you for tagging along! If you want to know about these different sessions, subscribe to the blog to get an email notification right when the information becomes available. The Boshnasty Photos family is slowly growing and we’re stoked to see what the fall brings our way!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Kalista & The Historic Pearl

Happy Monday, everyone! One of the best holidays is coming up – which means my sister and niece are in town. They come every year and we have a great time celebrating our freedom and the cool bond of our family. The summer is by far the greatest when it comes to spending time with people you don’t normally get to see & I’m so happy for that!

Today’s blog post is all about my beautiful pal, Kalista. She is a UTSA cheerleader I met through my athletics gig. She was new to the Roadrunner gang, but took it by storm nonetheless. We spent a rainy morning navigating our way around The Pearl – which is beautiful, even with a grey cloudy sky illuminating it. There are so many great photo taking places and the scenery is diverse & rich, which makes for even better final products!

The hour we spent navigating one of San Antonio’s main landmarks was an absolute blast. Kalista has a great personality and loves to smile a gorgeous smile. When she stood in front of the camera, there was no hesitation. It’s so cool to see confidence like that in someone so young! To say it helped the pictures is an understatement – these are chalk full of confidence and self-love!

As you take a look at these, enjoy not only The Pearl’s highlights, but also the way this chick can work the camera! A lot of fun was had and I think it translates directly into the tone of this adventure.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

There you have it! Kalista, thanks for being so easy to shoot & fun to be around. That combination makes my job the absolute best. If you’re ever in town & would like to explore The Pearl with little ole’ me tagging along – let me know, we’ll make some magic!

We’re currently putting on 4th of July mini sessions. I’ll be shooting all the way until 12PM on July 4th, so there’s lots of time to celebrate the holiday! This one is one my favorites, so we put together a cool little backdrop. I’ve added a contact form to the bottom of this post for easy booking!

I also wanted to let everyone know that our fall is getting pretty busy. I’m currently booking through December & will have limited dates once basketball season starts. We’re offering 25% off pre-booked sessions for the fall until the end of July! This is a good deal, so take advantage! I’m so stoked to get to work with everyone & can’t wait to meet all you future clients.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Miss Shelby – Flower Edition!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’m ready to get over the hump of this week and get one step closer to the weekend. Easter for my family is filled with good food, great movies, and usually some sort of photography adventure. To be real, though – most days are an excuse for photography adventures.

Today’s blog post centers around one of my good friends, Miss Shelby. Shelby is a tutor in my office and has been on the blog before. As a photographer, one way I can share what I do with friends is get them in front of the lens. I’m not the best when it comes to verbal communication, so pictures and directions while taking them are how I can express myself the most efficiently. Shelby ended up coming with me to The Flower Vault because of a cancelled session and her great heart.

The Flower Vault is amazing, y’all! If you’re looking for a good spot to take some pictures without having to worry about the lighting, or the background, this is the place for you. All the rooms are well lit, and can be used in so many different ways. As you go through these pictures, you’ll see what I mean. Not only is Shelby nicer than most people, she’s also gorgeous and completely photogenic.

Going through each of the rooms with my pal was a blast, and you can see the fun we had while taking these pictures within them. I’m a firm believer that a picture says a thousand words. These shout “I enjoy life” and that’s some of the best artistry you can capture.

Enjoy our adventure below!

There you have it! Shelby, it’s always a blast hanging out with you. I’m lucky you don’t mind being my model and playing dress up. It’ll forever be appreciated!

We’re currently discounting our Senior/Graduation sessions by 35%. If you book and schedule your shoot before May, we’ll give you an extra $5 off! My schedule is getting a little crazy, so don’t wait around to reserve a spot and book now. There’s a contact form at the bottom of this post to make that whole process easier.

I also need some help! I love all the Fiesta decor and would love to put together some shoot material. Would anyone want to do some Fiesta photo sessions? I’ll put together a date if there’s enough interest. Comment what you think in the form below!

Lastly, we’re discounting all other sessions by 15%! I’m stoked to see all the different things that flash before my camera, and can’t wait to see what crosses next.

As always, we want to take a second to thank everyone for tagging along and letting us continue to do what we’re doing. It’s your support that keeps us in the game, and we love and appreciate you all for it!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Ariana & The Flower Vault – Springtime Fun!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m so stoked to drop these pictures on the blog to share with all of you guys. It has been a fun filled, yet packed, weekend filled with lots of photographs and gorgeous locations. I love this time¬† of the year for lots of reasons – but Spring is the best because it’s the greatest time of change. Change is coming and I can taste it! I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.

Today, you’ll be taking a tour through The Flower Vault. This place is really fun and quite the idea. You merely make a reservation for a time, show up for the time, and take pictures in each of the “flower” rooms. It’s like a photography studio they lend out for whatever kind of fun and adventures you could possibly get up to. The idea is great and it’s as fun place to roam around, be creative, and explore!

IMG_8671 copy

Ari – or Arizilla – is a dancer on UTSA’s Pom Squad. She’s got these amazingly long legs and a bright, bubbly personality. Her smile is contagious, so working with her was a blast. She’s about to celebrate one of the coolest adult birthdays there is – 21! In honor of that, we explored all of the different roams throughout the studio and caught some great stuff. There were some balloons that also took part in this shoot, but I’ll let Ari show you guys those ones when she actually turns the big 2-1!

The pictures you’ll find below are filled with color, big smiles, and a girl who seems to love life and embrace all the things about it. Check out the greatness below!

There you have it! If you’re ever in the Stone Oak area and have some time to spare, The Flower Vault is worth a trip. There were another set of girls in there with us that were having just as much fun as we were! It’s also a great place for family photos, so keep that and me in mind!

We’re currently offering 15% off ALL of our session prices! My schedule is almost completely full, so I want to offer a chance for every to get themselves on it before it gets too crazy. I’ll add a contact form at the bottom of this post to make for easy booking and question asking!

The 15% off can also be contributed to our Easter/Spring mini sessions! So – instead of $95, you’ll only spend $80. Check out this post to see the available times and dates – these spots fill up fast!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Bridget & Mundo – A Downtown Adventure!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I don’t generally work in my office on Friday’s, so I”m so close to my weekend – I can pretty much taste it. After today, the end of my work week always flies! I’m so very excited for this weekend and am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice so I can shoot all the awesome people on my schedule!

Today’s blog post revolves around two of the cheerleaders Josh and I have come to know over the passed year or so. I get to stand side by side with these guys during basketball season – so it’s nice to know have gotten to know a couple of them. We ran a giveaway around the Valentine’s Day holiday, and they received one of the free shots that we offered as a prize. Those kinds of sessions are always my favorite – there is no expectation from either party, so it’s much more relaxed and down to Earth. For the most part, we laughed and chuckled the entire time we took these two through the shoot.


Bridget and Edmundo are adorable together – I think that needs to be said firsthand. They are on the cheer squad together and you don’t generally see one without the other. They tease and pick and play around the entire time they are with each other. If he’s not making her laugh, she’s giggling and starting him up. For the entire hour we spent with them, it couldn’t be said that we weren’t smiling and having a great time every minute of it. If you get anything from these pictures, it’s that these two are really good together and last minute locations can be the best kinds!

Here they are –¬† Bridget and Mundo through pictures!

There you have it! I think we have the most fun with people who aren’t afraid to have fun – who come into the session with wide eyes and happy souls like these two did. Thanks again, guys! We had a blast and hope you enjoyed it the same way we did.

We’re putting on some Easter/Spring mini sessions that are moderately priced and great for those spring decorations I’m sure everyone is putting up. You can find more information about times and pricing on this page here. I’ll also include a contact form at the end of this post to make for easy booking!

We are also booking for Summer 2019! My schedule is already looking insanely crammed, so it’s important to book your sessions now so you can grab a spot on my calendar. I’ll eventually have to close booking down and I’d hate for you guys to miss out on sessions!

To thank you guys for sticking through this post, use the code GRATEFUL in the comment of your contact form to get $15 off a session!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

St Pat’s – The Josh Modica Way!

Hi everyone! It’s a happy Tuesday over here at Boshnasty Photos. We just finished up a long basketball season and there’s not much that stands in the way between us, summer, and the great things we have planned! We’re already so busy throughout the summer – it’s kind of crazy!

One of the best things about being married to Josh is how creative and artistic he is. Where I lack, he makes up and that’s one of the greatest things about our partnership. Throughout the year, I put Josh in front of our backdrop and we celebrate whatever weird American holiday we can find for the time frame. Though neither of us are Irish, it seemed only appropriate to put a green hat on Josh’s head and grab some adorable pictures. It’s really funny, Josh doesn’t have any lineage, but he for sure looks like a leprechaun!

Besides looking perfect in the hat, Josh is chalk full of creative and fun ideas. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s not afraid to put on a headband and look like a green eyed angel! It’s always my idea to do the pictures, but Josh takes it home with the crazy poses and adorable faces he lets me catch. It’s an absolute blast and makes the studio we have that much more fun to incorporate into the business!

There you have it! This guy is a blast and we always manage to grab the best pictures in the process. We’ve got something really cool cooking for Easter, so definitely check back to see what we’ve got up our sleeve next!

We’re currently booking for Summer 2019! The schedule is looking more and more busy every time I look at it, so don’t wait to claim a spot with us. We’re also offering a 15% discount on all of our action shot packages – I can’t wait to watch the next season of sports!

Lastly, we’re putting together a really cool mini session back drop to celebrate Easter! We’re stoked to offer up some mini session times, but need your help – what dates would be the best for you guys? I’m adding a contact form at the bottom of this page so you can easily let us know your opinion and book a session!

Just for sticking around and checking out what we’re up to, we’ll give you guys 5% off any session booked today! Use the code TUESDAY in the comments when booking to receive your discount!

Until next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

UTSA v. Rice

Hey, everyone! I hope you all are having the best Monday possible and the week is looking bright and shiny in the distance. If you’re not, don’t fret… it’s only Monday. There’s still six days left to get it right. Speaking of getting it right, UTSA has been doing that on the basketball court here recently. There’s nothing like starting the season with an undefeated record!

On Thursday of last week, UTSA took on Rice. Rice is always a good game because there’s that closeness in distance between our two schools that creates a bit of a rivalry. I’ve been watching UTSA basketball for more than five years and we’ve exchanged wins with them every single season. This season is a bit different, though, because the guys will only play everyone in the conference once… which means we’re 1-0 against Rice and will more than likely stay that way this season.

If you didn’t make it to the game, you didn’t see the Runners come close to scoring 100 points. The shots were draining, the defense was on point, and everyone played so dang well with each other. The more you watch these guys, the more you see the togetherness that is going to take them far during this season and into the next. I’m so stoked to see what these guys have up their sleeve as the season progresses.

The guys are on the road this week, but that’s alright – they’ll return to The Convo soon! Catch UTSA MBB take on Charolette, January 24th @ 7PM. There aren’t that many home games left, so take advantage while you can!

Without further ado, here are my favorite action shots from UTSA’s WIN against Rice!