Happiest of Thursday’s, everyone! It’s game day in The Modica household & that’s always a treat. After getting my week of schoolwork out of the way, I finally got to get behind the computer and play with some pictures. Here’s hoping your day was just as successful as mine ended up being!

Today’s gallery is UTSA’s home battle against UAB. In the past few years, I’ve gotten to see the fellas play against this team in the convo a bunch of times & every time – it’s a pretty epic adventure. This time around was no exception, either. This season in the convo has been pretty rowdy, which always makes watching the game from the sidelines that much more epic. The band is full of the best heckling and the student section is filled with so so so many people. It’s what college is about, really.

Despite the box score not being what we wanted it to be in the end, the fellas put their all out on the court. I think I type that every single time I talk about these guys, but it’s hard not to – it’s pretty apparent. No matter the score, these guys are always fun to watch – they always put on a show and keep the crowd in it until the very end.

As you go through these, get pumped for the first game of bonus play scheduled to start at 6PM CST! Don’t miss out on the last few match ups of the season, y’all. It’s going to come down to the finish.

There you have it! The fellas are about to hit the court, so make sure you tune in where you can. The guys come back home on Sunday at 2PM – be there!

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Lastly, we’re so happy you guys are here. This is the most fun and enjoyment I’ve been able to get out of my adult life and it’s all because of the people that support us in this adventure. It’s amazing to get to do this day in and day out, so thank you for booking sessions, checking out our photos, and simply liking what we do.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Megan & Vida – A Pearl Brewery Adventure!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Josh is actually home this year, so we’re stoked to get to celebrate the cheesy holiday together. In this busy time of the year, we like to celebrate any time we get to have together, so it’s cool that Valentine’s happens to fall on one of those times. Here’s hoping you’re surrounded by all the people you love doing something that you enjoy!

Today’s blog post is all about Megan & Vida. Megan is an athlete I met in my job at UTSA in the Athletic Academic Center. She played for the UTSA Soccer team, so naturally, I got to help advise her for a little while. I’ve worked with most of the teams in athletics and enjoy the heck out of the soccer girls! They’re filled with intelligence and a cool interest in life. Megan was no exception. When she approached me after I put out an advertisement for couple sessions, I knew we were going to have a great time!

I enjoy The Pearl immensely, so when we met on the day of the shoot – I was pretty stoked. The forecast was calling for rain, so I got to use my really pretty clear umbrella that I have on hand for this particular occasions. Exploring around some of my favorite spots and learning some new ones with these love birds was a total blast.

As you go through these, I hope you enjoy the visible connection between these two. It seems like they just like to have fun and the radiance of their smiles and looks in each of the pictures shows that pretty dang well. These were a blast – I hope you enjoy!

There you have it! Megan & Vida, you two are a bundle of fun. Thanks for adventuring around one of my favorite spots in San Antonio!

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Last but not, we want to say thank you to you guys! It’s the best – getting to do photography as a big part of my life. I get to be creative and travel and meet the best people, & there’s nothing better than that. Without the support of all you guys, we wouldn’t be able to have fun for a living – so THANK YOU!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

West’s Hundred Acre Wood – A Cake Smash!

Happiest of Saturday’s, everyone! It’s a good day in The Modica house because not only is it gorgeous outside, but the fellas are in town and a basketball game is in our very very near future. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying your weekend in the same way!

Today’s blog post is all about my good buddy West. I’m not the biggest fan of children – being the youngest of five, it’s hard to really get into being around little ones. Yet, the older I get, the more I appreciate the people around me that have children. It’s so nice to watch the little ones of our closest friends get bigger. I love watching my friends as parents, too – that’s half the fun!

When Ashleigh started to discuss what she had in mind for West’s 1st birthday cake smash, I knew it was going to be amazing. The second she said Winnie the Pooh I was locked in and so ready to make some photo magic. As we started to put together the scene on the day of, it was the perfect representation of what the Hundred Acre Wood would be like for a small child. I had an absolute blast getting to play with the toys I played with as a child & make memories while I did!

As you go through these, enjoy the heck out of the fact that West is so obsessed with the balloons in the backdrop. No matter how dirty we let him get, he was still the most excited about the different colored balloons. I’m so excited to share these with you, so I hope you enjoy!

There you have it! Ashleigh, thanks for letting us in on the behind the scenes with West. It is an absolute blast to get to see him grow as the time passes us by. It’s the most fun! We’re booking sessions just like this – so don’t miss out!

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As always, thank you so very much for the support! This is a dream and has been an absolute blast. We couldn’t have done anything close to this without you guys and all the different ways we’ve been supported over the passed couple of years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

UTSA MBB v Southern Mississippi

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week has been a little hectic, but I finally got some time today to really sit down and get some good photo work done. It feels pretty fantastic to get lost in the work & was completely what I needed. Hope you’re enjoying your day just as much!

Today’s blog post goes hand in hand with UTSA MBB’s game day tonight against North Texas. I like to get up previous conference home games when the fellas are off on the road, so that’s what we’ve got today. The game against Souther Miss was just as fun to edit as it was to shoot. The guys played so fantastically – & it shows in all of the images.

For being the second home conference game of the season, the crowd was pretty intense – & made the game play that much better. There are so many shots where you can see the crowds reaction and it’s just as exciting as the actual play in the shot. Besides getting to experience the atmosphere at each of the games, one of the best bits of the job is getting to see the game from a really excellent perspective.

As you go through these, enjoy the continued intensity that can be seen throughout the gallery of images. It’s dang cool to see the team play well and get to capture all of the good moments. Here’s hoping you enjoy, too!

There you have it! Tune in tonight to see these guys take on North Texas. It’s going to be a great game, so make sure you check back. If you’re interested in action shots like this, shoot us a message – sports season is my favorite season!

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As always, thank you for supporting our small little love child. We’ve put so much time and effort into creating what we’re able to bring to the table for everyone and we’re able to do that because of the people that book sessions, look at our photos, or simply read our posts. Thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

UTSA Men’s Basketball v Texas State!

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s insane to think that we’re in a completely new year and decade. There were a lot of great things in the last ten years, but I’m so looking forward to the next ten! Here’s hoping the year ended in the best of ways and the new decade started with a bang.

UTSA Men’s Basketball starts their conference play today, so it was only appropriate to pump out one of the many games I’ve shot during the pre-season. I’ve had a great time following the team around, documenting all of the their play thus far and can’t wait to see where conference play takes them. As a photographer, it’s the greatest to get to work on my craft and enjoy all of the perks of being court side watching my very favorite game.

This year, the fellas headed down to Texas State to play the I-35 rivalry game that’s much awaited each season. When we walked into the arena, it seemed like there were more UTSA fans than anything else. In the end, the over abundant presence of all my fellow Roadrunners could be heard loud and proud.

As you go through these, enjoy the tenacity that each guy played with. As the game progressed, the guys built up their confidence and it’s plain to see not only how well they move the ball, but how much fun they’re having while doing it. These were a blast to shoot, so I hope you enjoy them just as much!

There you have it! The fellas take on Florida Atlantic at 6PM CST. Make sure you keep track of their progress and cheer on our Roadrunners!

To bring in the New Year, we’re skipping all the way to Valentine’s Day! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been scouting around to put together a gorgeous Kissing Booth backdrop. Which means we’re hosting Valentine’s Day mini sessions! These will be fast and quick and filled with Valentine’s goodness and lots of kisses. You can snag a spot now for only $75.

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We’re so stoked to be able to continue this business into the next decade and couldn’t do it without you guys! We’re so insanely grateful for the support of each and every person that books a session, looks at our posts, or simply glances at one of our pictures. It’s the greatest gift we could possibly ask for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Shelby & Chase – A Surprise Engagement!

Happiest of Tuesday’s, guys! I’m currently in Houston waiting to shoot UTSA Men’s Basketball take on Oregon State at the Toyota Center – which is really cool. I’ll officially be marking a must off the bucket list by shooting at an official NBA arena! Not too bad of a way to lead up to Christmas, if I do say so myself.

Today’s post isn’t about basketball, though. Today, I’m bringing you guys one of the most important shoots that I ever got to be a part of. Shelby is one of my best friends – she’s intelligent, looks out for the people she cares about, and has this way of looking at the world that I hope more people will embrace one day. So – when her then boyfriend approached me to shoot their SURPRISE engagement, I knew I needed to be a part of it.

We spent a few weeks planning this whole shindig down to the way we were going to set Shelby up and have Chase surprise her. When it came down to it, I think it went better than we could have ever thought out or planned. As Shelby turned around and saw Chase on one knee, I suddenly understood why I do this job. Her most genuine reaction was something that I’m so very proud to have gotten to catch and share with you guys. For the rest of time, Shelby can look back and see just how exciting it was to say yes to forever with the love of her life.

As you go through these, I hope you enjoy the candid nature of the whole lot. These two have natural chemistry that jumps from the photo. Shelby has a beautiful smile and Chase looks at her like she hung the moon. If nothing else, enjoy the love you can so clearly see.

Congrats you two – I can’t wait to capture your start to forever!

There you have it. Chase, thank you for letting me capture these memories for you guys. Shelby, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to look like as a bride. So many congrats to the both of you and your future together!

This upcoming Thursday & Friday I’ll be in town doing some holiday sessions at a discounted rate. It’s never too late to grab family photos and remember this beautiful time of the year with the ones you love. Simply fill out the form below and grab a spot. I’m capping my shooting time on the 23rd, so grab a session while you can. The new year will bring new prices!

I’m also still offering senior sessions for $75. It has been a blast over the last couple of weeks celebrating with all of my seniors and I’m stoked to continue offering an affordable price for memories that are so so so important!

Lastly, I can’t close out without saying thank you to all of you guys! Without the people that support, book sessions, or simply look at the photos – we’d be nowhere. I get to enjoy this dream of mine on a daily basis and I’m so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, and happy holidays!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

UTSA Basketball v. Wiley College

Happiest of hump days, everyone! The Christmas holiday is quickly coming & that means the end of the semester with it. My day job is stupidly busy, which is lots of fun but kind of hectic, too. I’m so very stoked to have my photography to cut into the stress and bring me all the fun!

I figured a nice home win yesterday was a good reason to drop a game gallery. It’s always nice to go back and revisit each of the games after the fact. Initially, I go through and pick out the photos that catch my eye – but when I go back and actually take time to edit the gallery, I go through each shot one by one. In a way, it’s like watching the game all over again. It’s cool to see what memorable plays look like slowed down, or how each of the guys change and progress from game to game.

If you haven’t started coming to the games yet – that’s okay! There’s still a ton of basketball left to play and watch. As the season progresses, each of the games will be more and more intense – which is always a blast to watch. Either way, you can check back here and get all the updates you need.

As you go through these, I hope you enjoy how excited the guys are when they’re playing well. You can see the joy of playing the game on their faces – on top of the intensity, of course. Not only do they look happy playing, but they won a game in their orange jerseys!

* Fellas, if you’d like a copy of any of these photos, shoot me a message! They’ll look much better in their original format. *

There you have it! If you’re up for a little road trip, the fellas are taking on Texas State on Saturday. It’s always a good game and the atmosphere in their gym is always exciting!

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Since I’m such a fan of UTSA and all of the greatness it has afforded me, I’m putting our senior session prices down to $75 until 12/12. It’s a lot of fun to celebrate with all the new alum as they prepare to walk the stage!

Please capitalize on these prices while you can – we’ll be increasing our prices in the new year!

If you’re interested in any of these sessions, use the contact form below. I’m starting to put the end of the year together and I can’t wait to meet with all of you guys!

As always, thank you! We could not do this thing without you guys and there’s not enough words of thanks I could say to express how important you guys really are. We’re so stoked for this journey and can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Michelle & Trent – Christmas at Flower Vault!

Happiest of Monday’s, everyone! I hope the holiday weekend was everything you wanted it to be and everyone got to capitalize on all of the great deals that come along with our food coma holiday. Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is still going and will be the best prices were offering this year!

Today’s blog post is all about Michelle and her boyfriend Trent. I know Michelle from my job in Athletics. My first year as a GA, I got to work with the Women’s Soccer team pretty closely. As the time passed, I got to spend a lot of quality moments with each of the different ladies – Michelle included. As a former athlete, it was really easy to connect with this lady & it doesn’t hurt that we’re both really into school and stuff, either.

When Michelle approached me about a session, I jumped on it the second that I could. It’s not often that I get to shoot a COUPLE at Flower Vault. I absolutely love that space and it’s a challenge to get people in poses that look good with the same background in each of them. I love a challenge – it’s what makes my job the most fun. When you go through these, you can tell that we had a lot of fun enjoying the space!

While you go through these, I hope you enjoy all of the love between these two. They seem to really enjoy each other’s company and make a good pair!