The Lahrman’s – A family Session

Hi friends! I hope your week has been treating you well and the weekend is something to look forward to. I’ve been enjoying the late summer heat after all the rain – with Saturday looking the way it is, we might even break out our little pool!

Today on the blog we’re hanging out with the Lahrman family! This beautiful collective of humans has graced the blog many times throughout my photography adventures. Between Devon and Mike, they’ve created these gorgeous mini humans that are filled to the brim with personality and intelligence. It’s always a pleasure working with them.

When I set up my swing mini sessions, I knew Devon and her babies would be perfect to bring life to the backdrop. We had a blast celebrating mom and throwing dad in on a few of these, too! As you look through them, check out how much individuality stands out in these pictures – every one of the little ones has the biggest voice.

Before you go, I just wanted to let you know that my holiday season schedule is already filling up! The busy season is going to be extra busy. So, to entice you to book your sessions early, I’m offering 15% off all of my packages until July 31st! Shoot me a message here or find me over on any of the plethora of social media sites to book a session.

Thanks for sticking around – enjoy my fun with The Lahrman’s!

Kissing Booth Minis! <3

Happy Saturday, guys! I’m hoping that it’s the best kind of weekend day, whether that’s out and about, or on your couch with your favorite show. With my fella on the road, I’ve been doing some catch up & I can’t wait to share today’s photos with you all!

For Valentine’s this year, Josh & I decided it would be cool to hand make something a little different than our usual. If you know anything about Joshy boy, you know that he’s pretty handy – so, putting together the set up was a lot of fun. Pro tip – when you stain wood, wear gloves!

I had the idea of Lucy’s advice booth in the Peanut comics in the form of a kissing booth, & I think we totally nailed it! It’s easy to set up & a ton of fun to have people in front of. There’s nothing like reminding people of the simple things and getting a little cutesie while doing it.

We’re currently booking mini sessions with this fun little prop. These minis are the perfect gift or date night idea – we’re shooting for 25 minutes & having a blast while we do! If you’re interested in a session, send us a message – we’ve still got a few dates we’re setting up & making magic.

Check out the lovely Herrera family and their loves below – we met this family during Grinch mini times & enjoyed our time so much, we asked them to come out & shoot with us again! They’re both photogenic & filled to the brim with so much personality.

The Henson’s – Maternity Edition

Howdy, friends! The holidays were so nice that I decided to extend my vacation a couple of days – but I’m finally back & ready to take on what 2021 has to offer (here’s hoping it’s more lucrative than 2020)! I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season & getting the most out of time with friends & family, or even on your own if that’s your sort of dig!

Today’s blog post is about one of my favorite family – The Henson’s! These guys have been on my blog a time or two; I’ve watched little West grow up from small little bean to the bouncing almost 2 year old he is today. When Ash approached me for a maternity session with their latest addition, I was stupidly stoked!

I’m such a fan of the parent tag team that Ash & Q make; they let West be the big personality that he is while working really well together. The newest little guy is lucky to come into such an excellent family. We tackled the golden light over in Boerne – it was gorgeous & made for some of the best photos!

The newest addition of The Henson clan is here & well, so make sure you check back in the next little bit to see part two of this adventure; the newborns!

Rice, Party of 3 – A Family Session!

Hi everyone! Wednesdays are my Fridays, so I try and get a lot of work done so I can enjoy a little bit of time to myself during the next couple of days. I spent most of my evening adding the finishing touches to this family session & I’m so stoked about it!

Lionel & Liv are a part of the UTSA Athletics family with Josh & I, so it felt extra special to take care of their first pictures as a family. There’s so much personality between the three of them that it’s a joy to be in the same room. Leon has these big, beautiful eyes that are looking around and wondering about all the things surrounding him. As someone who’s fascinated with human development, it’s insane to see it in action from the very first steps. As a photographer, it’s the small little details like facial expressions & body movements that really bring it home.

These three are a perfect little unit and were an absolute joy to catch in their natural habitat. The sunlight was perfect, so I enjoyed going through these very much. Thanks for trusting me, y’all – I can’t wait to see your little family grow <3

Oh, before I wrap things up – our family sessions are $155 for the remainder of the year. It’s the perfect time to get those family photos done, so head over here & book yours 😀

Without further ado – The Rice’s!

Katriana & Kristian – A 1st Birthday Celebration!

Happiest of Tuesday’s, everyone! I’m currently snuggled up to my pup watching my favorite tv show – & I’m enjoying all the seconds of it. Up until right about now we’ve been trying to find some comfort in staying at home and I think we’re finally at that point. Working from home has been interesting, but I’m sure you guys are experiencing that with me. Here’s hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy!

To break things up a little bit, I’m posting some really cute photos of two really cute babies. Today’s blog post is all about a set of twins that are so gorgeous and already have a. barrel of personality. I’m not the biggest kid person, but it is so fun to get to see little people and how they are slowly growing into the person they’re going to be. At one, they’re still so little – but there is so much growth and development happening that every second is interesting. Our shoot together was no exception to that, either. Whether we were shooting or moving them around, both babies were so vocal and expressive – such a blast to be around!

If you’re a UTSA Football fan you’ll recognize these cuties’ father – Mr Ted McGhee. Ever since hearing he was having babies I’ve wanted the chance to shoot with them & man did I get my chance! Between Ted and their mama, the entire process was a lot of fun. I could not imagine having to take care of two kids at the same time, so I’m stupidly proud of the work they put in to keep both Katriana & Kristian happy, healthy, and smiling. One of the best bits of this job is getting to see people thrive & enjoy all the pieces in their lives. What’s more exciting than your children’s first birthday!

As you go through these, I hope you enjoy the cute little outfits they’re in. Throughout it all, the coordination of outfits was most impressive. Also – baby shoes are so cute & completely make an outfit!

There you have it! Ted & Kaitlyn, thank you for trusting me with this big milestone in their lives! I’m a day late, but Happiest of Birthdays to these two adorable little humans. If you’re interesting in a shoot like this – use the contact form at the bottom & we’ll make some birthday magic!

In light of what is happening in the world and all of the small business out there I just want to say an extra thank you to the people that have supported us over the passed couple of years. I’ve gotten to look back on my last year of photos after recovering my hard drive & it has been a great year. I’ve gotten to travel and enjoy all these different kinds of places. I’ve gotten to meet people and share in the biggest moments of their lives. No matter what happens after all of this is said and done, I’m so very excited to work with everyone who comes my way. I’m so stoked to be more thankful for the small things and really enjoy every single session for what it is – the best job I could work for.

To all of my student athletes, especially those in spring sports – my heart is with you. As your season came to an end, so did mine. Action photography is one of my greatest loves and this time without it has been a struggle. However! I want to offer all of my student athlete pals a free photo shoot. Put the uniform back on and lets take some action portraits! These are so fun and it’ll be a great way to get back into the sporting spirit. If you’re interested, please send me a message and we’ll set something up when we can move about the city a little more freely.

All of my seniors, I’m offering my senior sessions for $75 into June so you can still get those grad pictures you’ve been excited to have all throughout college. Send me a message to book a session & we’ll work on coming up with a date that will be both safe and accommodating.

Lastly, I’m offering all the rest of my sessions for 50% off. It is a tough time in the world and I’d love to take some slack off. When all is said and done, this pandemic has given us the ability to turn to the ones we love and enjoy what that means. Lets make some memories that’ll be everlasting! Book a session today and use it whenever you’d like!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

Allie Mag – A Senior Photo Adventure!

Happiest of Monday’s, friends! It seems like the busier I am, the quicker the days go – especially the weekend. With the end of basketball season coming up, it’s a little bit insane in our household. Despite that, though – I’m enjoying every single second of the adventure and am hoping you are doing the same!

Today’s blog post is all about my good friend Allie. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve seen Allie in lots of different forms. At Wonder Chamber, rocking a Coraline costume and most recently, as a college graduate! As someone who doesn’t have a high number of friends, it is absolutely insane to get to be a part of something so big!

One of the best parts of doing senior photos is getting to know the person I’m shooting. Since I already know a lot about Allie, we spent the time talking about her experience at UTSA, instead. I’ve been here a long time, especially as a student, but it never fails to amaze me – how different every single person’s experience on campus truly is. If you’re graduating here soon, make sure you take senior photos! It’s one thing to walk the stage, but something totally different to do your victory tour around campus and capturing every single second of it.

Miss Allie, thank you for being not only beautiful but insanely rare. There is something about the person you are that is so fun to be around and so interesting to get to experience. You’re filled with good ideas and have the kindest, most caring soul. The world is not ready for the things you’re going to bring about, but I can’t wait to see what happens, anyway!

There you have it! This tour around campus was filled with beautiful sun, the best places at UTSA, and a great friend. I can’t wait to start the process all over again!

Speaking of the process – it’s almost that time of the year again! I already have a whole slue of senior photo sessions lined up for the next coming weeks & can’t wait to add you to it! One of the best bits of this photography gig is getting to spend time with people who are excitedly achieving something. Graduation photos are some of the best representation of that. With that in mind, I’m offering all of my senior sessions for $135 if you book before 3/17. My schedule for the spring/summer is quickly getting filled up, so don’t miss out on the special date that you want!

With Spring coming up, we’re also offering our bluebonnet mini sessions. These are tons of fun, filled with lots of laughter and gorgeous scenery, and pretty quick! These mini sessions can be booked for any date in March/April and will run for $85. I want to take advantage of the immense beauty that the upcoming season brings, so lets make some gorgeous springtime memories!

Last, but definitely not least, we want to thank you all! This business is nothing without the support of the people looking at our photos, booking sessions, and keeping up with our day-to-day activities. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t get to do what I love the most for work! More than anything, we’re insanely grateful for the people that help us make this dream a reality – so thank you so very much!

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…


Happiest of Thursday’s, everyone! It’s game day in The Modica household & that’s always a treat. After getting my week of schoolwork out of the way, I finally got to get behind the computer and play with some pictures. Here’s hoping your day was just as successful as mine ended up being!

Today’s gallery is UTSA’s home battle against UAB. In the past few years, I’ve gotten to see the fellas play against this team in the convo a bunch of times & every time – it’s a pretty epic adventure. This time around was no exception, either. This season in the convo has been pretty rowdy, which always makes watching the game from the sidelines that much more epic. The band is full of the best heckling and the student section is filled with so so so many people. It’s what college is about, really.

Despite the box score not being what we wanted it to be in the end, the fellas put their all out on the court. I think I type that every single time I talk about these guys, but it’s hard not to – it’s pretty apparent. No matter the score, these guys are always fun to watch – they always put on a show and keep the crowd in it until the very end.

As you go through these, get pumped for the first game of bonus play scheduled to start at 6PM CST! Don’t miss out on the last few match ups of the season, y’all. It’s going to come down to the finish.

There you have it! The fellas are about to hit the court, so make sure you tune in where you can. The guys come back home on Sunday at 2PM – be there!

We’re quickly heading into the warm weather and that comes with blue bonnets and gorgeous flowers! We’re already in the midst of planning our bluebonnet sessions and want to make sure everyone has access to them. So – here we are. All of our bluebonnet sessions are $95, yet packed full of beauty, fun, and lots of excitement. The location we like has so great access to light – & we’re so excited.

We’re also trying to get ahead of senior photos! If you’re a 2020 graduate and want to celebrate your accomplishment for a relatively good price – you’re in the right place! Until 3/17 we’re offering our senior sessions for $135! This is the cheapest these will be until literal days before graduates are set to walk – so don’t miss out!

Lastly, we’re so happy you guys are here. This is the most fun and enjoyment I’ve been able to get out of my adult life and it’s all because of the people that support us in this adventure. It’s amazing to get to do this day in and day out, so thank you for booking sessions, checking out our photos, and simply liking what we do.

Until the next time, friends! Keep on adventuring…

The Next Season of Action Shots with Ryan!

Happiest of Tuesday’s, everyone! It has been a gorgeous breezy day with the sun shining – & I’m so here for it. It has been the best day to get behind my computer and do the thing I love pretty close to the most. Here’s hoping your day has been as great!

Today’s blog post is all about our good pal Ryan. Not only does he take great portraits, but he’s also incredibly athletic and takes some of the best action shots! Josh and I have known this little guy for the passed couple of years & watching him progress as a basketball player is one of the best bits of knowing him. Over the years, he has certainly taken his UTSA Basketball fandom to a different level and put it into actual practice.

Watching this kid play is pretty excellent. I have seen some really fantastic basketball, yet Ryan’s games are always some of my favorites. Sure, the little kids don’t really follow the rules, but there’s so much to say about development in that age group. Ryan is taller than everyone else but also seems to have the most basketball knowledge, too. It’s insane to think how much progression there is between each and every one of those kids & they’re all in the exact same age group!

As you go through these I hope you enjoy the look of pure joy on Ryan’s face. He loves getting to play basketball – it’s so insanely obvious and a great honor to get to watch. Here’s hoping you guys enjoy them just as much as I did!